Q. Does Savannah Country Day School enroll international students?
Savannah Country Day School welcomes applications from students from all over the world who are motivated, talented, and of good character.  Our school does offer an English as a Second Language (ESL) program.  Please contact Ms. Terri Barfield, Director of Admissions, for more information at 912-961-8806 or

Q. Are students required to wear uniforms?
A. Students in grades PK-8 wear a school uniform and grades 9-12 have a uniform dress code, which provides more choice and variability.

Upper School Dress Code

  • Students are expected to be well groomed and neatly dressed on campus and at school functions. Any clothing that distracts from Country Day’s mission will be deemed inappropriate. Students may be removed from classes and meetings during the school day until they meet standards for grooming and dress.
  • For All: Upper School students will purchase from a variety of shirts, tops and sweaters from Lands' End as seen in our online brochure at  Students may purchase pants, shorts and skirts from a retail store of their choice but must be navy or khaki in color with the exception of a plaid skirt option offered at Lands' End.  As they are explicitly not included in the new uniform code, each of the following items is inappropriate school attire for both boys and girls: jeans, T-shirts, cut-offs, clothing with any writing other than unobtrusive insignia, clothing that is frayed, tattered, or unevenly bleached, and hats. Sandals must have leather or cloth straps. Hair may not be dyed any unnatural color.
  • For Boys: Boys’ shirts must have a collar and must be tucked in. Boys must wear belts and socks. Boys must be clean shaven each day with hair length above the eyes and above the collar (no buns or ponytails). Boys may not wear earrings or have visible piercings. Shorts are appropriate attire only before Thanksgiving and after Spring Break.
  • For Girls: Girls’ shirts must extend to cover the waistline at all times. Girls must refrain from wearing revealing or tight fitting garments including: low-waisted pants/skirts, stretch pants, low-cut necklines, halter tops, and bare backs. Skirts should be no shorter than three inches above the top of the knee. Girls may not have visible piercings other than earrings.
  • For Dress Assemblies: On certain school occasions, students are asked to wear Dress Assembly attire. Boys are required to wear coats and ties with appropriate shirt, pants, and shoes. Girls are required to wear dresses or skirts.
  • For Break the Dress Code Days: On Break the Dress Code occasions, it remains inappropriate for girls to wear halter, backless, tube or tank tops, stretch or revealing clothing, or clothing shorter than fingertip length. Clothing with inappropriate designs or wording is also not allowed.

Physical Education Dress Code

  • For physical education classes in the Middle and Upper Schools, students must use the school uniforms purchased from the Bookstore. Uniform purchases will appear on the September bill. Students will provide their own socks, tennis shoes, and towel. It is required that students’ names be written in P.E. shorts and shirts, and it is recommended that gym clothes be laundered on the weekends or more often.
  • Each Middle and Upper School student will have a locker in the gym and must use the combination lock issued by the school. If a lock has been issued during a previous year, it should be used. Otherwise a new lock will be issued on the first day of school. Combination locks for lockers are $8.00. This is to enable the physical education instructors to have one master key for all locks in emergencies and also to prevent borrowing of clothes.

Q. Does the school provide transportation?
A. Savannah Country Day School offers bus service to Dutch Island, Isle of Hope, and The Landings on Skidaway Island.
    Independent from the school, some families have hired private bus transportation, to serve areas that Savannah Country Day does not currently run bus routes. The current private bus transportation runs service to and from, Richmond Hill, West Chatham, Downtown/Ardsley Park and Wilmington Island/Longpoint areas.
      Click here for detailed information about Bus Routes Independent from SCDS.

      Q. Before we make a decision, can our child spend a day at the school?
      A. Yes, we especially encourage Middle and Upper school students to attend classes with a current student in their grade. Please call the Admissions Office at (912) 925-8800 to arrange a visit.

      Q. What type of orientation is there for new students?
      A. All new students meet, as follows, the day before school begins.
      • Lower School - New students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade meet with teachers, while parents of new students meet with our Lower School Principal.
      • Middle School -  All 6th graders and any students new to the 7th and 8th grades will meet in Andrews Assembly Room the Monday before school starts. Parents are invited to stay in Andrews for a half-hour orientation with our Middle School Principal, after students have been dismissed to their advisors’ rooms.
      • Upper School - All ninth graders will have an orientation to Upper School the Thursday before school begins, before leaving the next morning for freshman weekend. Students new to grades 10th and 11th will have orientation the Monday before school starts.

      Q. What is a typical opening day schedule?
      PK - 12th grade will begin at 8 a.m. PK students will stay until 10:30 a.m. K-5th grade will be dismissed at 12 Noon and 6th-12th grade will complete a full day.

      Q. When do students receive report cards?
      A. Each school will send student evaluations at intervals during the year. In addition, parents may receive interim reports at the mid-point of each report period. Accounts must be paid in full to receive report cards.
      • Lower School report cards are sent after each quarter ends.  Parents, students and teachers meet to discuss the reports twice a year.
      • Middle and Upper School report cards will be mailed at the end of each quarter. Accounts must be paid in full to receive end-of-year report cards.

      Q. Does the school provide lunch?
      Yes, we work with Sage Dining Services, a foodservice provider who has worked with independent schools since 1990. Their professional chefs take a healthy approach to preparing the foods they serve. Every dish is free from trans fats and is cooked from scratch using fresh, local ingredients. From fresh fruits and vegetables to hot soups and delicious entrées, they offer something to satisfy even the most selective students.  Lunch is included in tuition for grades Kindergarten through twelfth.
      Other Questions?
      Please contact the Admissions Office at (912) 925-8800, or by email at