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Welcome to the Middle School. Except during infancy, there is no stage of life when young people go through more changes in such a short time - and in every aspect of their lives. It is often bewildering to them and to their parents!

So here at The Savannah Country Day, we offer opportunities for our middle schoolers to grow confidently as individuals, to take risks, to solve problems, to make a difference, and to have fun in a safe,supportive environment. Our faculty, exceptionally friendly and competent,understand that interacting with such curious, energetic students requires patience, humor, and sensitivity. Working in partnership with parents to see that every student experiences success is a top priority.

I invite you to browse our web pages and get to know us better. Middle School is an exciting place to be!

Jeremy Hammond
Head of Middle School
Middle School News
Middle School Celebrates Holiday Diversity
Ramadan, Chuseok, St. Lucia Day, Chinese New Year, Hanukkuh, Christmas - these are just some of the holidays that our students spoke about today at our Middle School Holiday Assembly! Accompanied by our hornets jazz band, each student gave a quick presentation on the holiday their families celebrate. We learned about tasty half-moon-shaped rice cakes called songpyeon, how singing the Sankta Lucia and serving parents coffee and saffron buns is an honor, and how Eid al-Fitr marks the end of thirty days of fasting. We are so proud to have a student body that reflects the many different ways that people celebrate coming together and being with family.

Middle School Talent Show Glows With Excellence
Congratulations to Olivia Johnson-Liu for taking first-place in the most recent Middle School Talent Show! Johnson-Liu played Frozen's "Let It Go" on her glowing electric violin, winning the hearts of audience members with a performance that reflected originality, confidence, and engagement. All of our talent show participants showcased the wonderful diversity in talent here at Country Day and performed with a bravery and precision that is to be commended. 

Touring the Layers of the Earth
Enjoying what might be the last of the warm weather, sixth graders headed outdoors to tour the layers of the Earth. Using measuring devices, students created a “scale” of the layers to better understand and illustrate the thickness of each one. As they traveled through each layer, from the crust to the inner core, Mr. Wiley quizzed them on the homework from the prior evening. 

Guinea Fowl
After much anticipation, the Lower School Science Center is now home to several dozen guinea fowl chicks. While the Lower School students eagerly awaited the birth of the chicks in Mr. Eswine’s incubator, Middle School students were also interested. Last year, a handful of Middle School mini-mester students traveled to Daufuskie Island where they learned, among other things, about the guinea hen’s contribution to insect control. Back in Savannah, residents on Whitmarsh Island learned of the SCDS experiences on Daufuskie and reached out to Mr. Eswine to help rescue a nest full of guinea hen eggs that were in harms way. Whitmarsh Island residents will take several of the chicks back to their original homeland to keep the line of ancestry going and the other chicks will be available for adoption. This is just another example of Country Day's commitment to providing real life experiences for our students while also contributing to the well being of our Savannah community. Click HERE to watch video of the chicks in the Science Center incubator.

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