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Welcome to the Middle School. Except during infancy, there is no stage of life when young people go through more changes in such a short time - and in every aspect of their lives. It is often bewildering to them and to their parents!

So here at Savannah Country Day, we offer opportunities for our middle schoolers to grow confidently as individuals, to take risks, to solve problems, to make a difference, and to have fun in a safe,supportive environment. Our faculty, exceptionally friendly and competent,understand that interacting with such curious, energetic students requires patience, humor, and sensitivity. Working in partnership with parents to see that every student experiences success is a top priority.

I invite you to browse our web pages and get to know us better. Middle School is an exciting place to be!

Jeremy Hammond
Middle School Principal

Middle School News
Robotics Generates Enthusiasm Among Students
Studying robotics in 6th grade science has generated a great deal of enthusiasm among students. Working in teams and following a detailed instruction manual, they began by building their robots. Once constructed, students learned how to program the robots to get ready for daily challenges. Teams were presented with programming experiments that became increasingly more difficult; ranging from directing the robot to move in a straight line, making accurate 90 degree turns to complete a perfect square, and responding to verbal commands among others. Students enjoyed the exposure to a variety of engineering components; however, the toughest part of the lesson may have been packing up the robots until the next class.

In celebration of the irrational number Pi, the Middle School students spent Wednesday afternoon participating in fun Pi Day activities. The annual event, taking place each year on 3.14, is an exciting time for the kids to entertain their classmates with their knowledge of the never-ending number. Students dove in to their own slices of sweets as they cheered on the pie eating contest and the recitation contest. Congrats to winner Megan Kemp with 134 characters! It was irrationally good fun!

Students Represent Savannah in State Math Competition
The Middle School Math Team was the first place winner at the regional MATHCOUNTS competition on Friday, February 28, qualifying them for the state competition at Georgia Tech on Monday, March 17.  The team of Angela Young, Geena Panzitta, Jorgepablo Fernandez, and Alvin Adjei represented Savannah Country Day School at the state MATHCOUNTS competition along with almost 200 of the best math students in Georgia.  In the regional tournament, held at SCDS, Jay White, Josh Braun, Grace Win, and Sarah Thacher also competed.  Angela was the second place individual in the region, Jorgepablo placed third, Josh placed sixth, and Alvin placed seventh. Congratulations, Hornets!

Investigating Frictional Forces
A study of frictional forces lent itself nicely to a collaborative project in Middle School Physical Science this week. Students worked diligently to design experiments to test the effect of mass and surface roughness on both static and kinetic friction. After completing the experiments and collecting data, students created graphs that represented their finding and prepared conclusion statements.
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