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Welcome to the Middle School. Except during infancy, there is no stage of life when young people go through more changes in such a short time - and in every aspect of their lives. It is often bewildering to them and to their parents!

So here at The Savannah Country Day, we offer opportunities for our middle schoolers to grow confidently as individuals, to take risks, to solve problems, to make a difference, and to have fun in a safe,supportive environment. Our faculty, exceptionally friendly and competent,understand that interacting with such curious, energetic students requires patience, humor, and sensitivity. Working in partnership with parents to see that every student experiences success is a top priority.

I invite you to browse our web pages and get to know us better. Middle School is an exciting place to be!

Jeremy Hammond
Head of Middle School
Middle School News
Time Traveling With Middle School At Decades Night
The roaring 20’s, the awesome 80’s and every decade in between must only mean that it’s the Middle School’s "Decades Night," a culmination of these hard-working Hornets year-long study of 20th century American history. Students have spent months researching their selected decade, interviewing individuals, creating costumes and discovering all they can about the past! Each classroom was transformed into a particular decade, an interactive museum for all to admire! Students proudly recited information about their particular decade with a fluency as if they had lived it themselves, offering historical tidbits, fun facts and making their own imprint on living history!

Good Eggs: Eighth Grade Science Holds Competitive Egg Drop
Can you design a system that will protect an egg from a fall? These eighth graders can! After studying how energy is neither created nor destroyed, students were tasked with designing a structure that would absorb the energy of an impact using their smarts and an egg as the lucky subject! After creating their structures, students strapped in their eggs and sent them flying from the second-floor, rushing to then check whether or not their structure passed the egg test!

Bringing Robots To Life In Sixth Grade Science
Ever wanted to build your own robot? Sixth grade Hornets are designing, building and coding commands for their very own robots. Working in teams, these students used their computer science skills to build out and program their robots to perform a number of tasks as part of a class-wide competition. It’s the perfect way for Hornets to apply their coding skills in a fun and innovative way!

Alternative Approaches To Photography Creates Life-Size Print
Life-size photography made an imprint on eager students in the Alternative Approach to Photography Mini-mester! Students studied the different types of alternative photography, from pinhole cameras to simple sun-prints. And what better way to apply their newfound knowledge than with a life-size cyanotype! By coating a banner with a special paint-on emulsion, students created a full size photograph using the sun and their own bodies!

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Mr. Jeremy Hammond
Head of Middle School

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