Upper School

The Upper School's college preparatory curriculum is complemented by a range of Honors, Elective, and Advanced Placement courses. Students are challenged to achieve their full potential by skilled faculty who work hard to accommodate a wide range of learning styles. Parents are informed biannually of students' progress through mid-quarter reports if necesary, quarterly report cards and comments, and conferences.  In addition, academic and commendation reports may be sent at any time during the school year to facilitate communication between the school and Country Day families.
The educational objectives of the Upper School are:
  • To promote intellectual growth by maintaining high scholastic standards, a flexible curriculum and a class size that permits close teacher-pupil relationships and individual instruction;
  • To foster personal development by helping each child develop strong moral values and a positive self-image; 
  • To foster social development by insisting upon respect for the needs and rights of others and by providing opportunities for leadership and service; 
  • To foster physical development by encouraging sound nutrition and good health habits and encouraging participation in individual and team sports; and 
  • To foster the development of an aesthetic sensibility by offering varied opportunities for creative self-expression and providing instruction in the history and theory of the arts.
The Upper School enrollment averages 300 students with an average graduating class size of 75. The seven period school day begins with morning assembly in Jelks Auditorium or an advisory meeting at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m. A rotating schedule provides variety in the school day while a daily activity period allows time for assemblies, class and club meetings, and extra help from teachers. Students have a faculty advisor to serve as an advocate in all areas of school life.

The Upper School seeks to provide open and clear communication among parent, child, and school in an atmosphere in which everyone feels valued. Students are asked to practice self-control and to accept personal responsibility for their actions. The Discipline Committee, composed of students and faculty, administers the regulations of life on campus. Standards for dress and conduct are designed to produce an appropriate climate for academic performance and success.
Upper School at a Glance
- Average class size of 16, student/teacher ratio 6:1
- 19 college-level Advanced Placement Courses.
- Electives including Urban Planning, Neuro-Biology, Comparative Religion and Morality & the Individual.
- Honors level courses in many academic subjects.
- Seniors participate in a month-long off-campus research or career education project during the month of May. 
- Study abroad is available through a student exchange program.