College Counseling

The college admissions process presents many challenges and can seem, at times, to be complex and confusing, but it can also be interesting, rewarding, and exhilarating—all at the same time. The goal for the College Counseling Office is to help each student find the match that best suits his or her needs. We seek to encourage students to approach the admission process as young adults, and strive to help all Country Day students, from the ninth grade on, to discover their passions, interests and talents, and to build upon their strengths and develop new ones, all so that they can enter college with not only the confidence of having an excellent Savannah Country Day education as a foundation, but also with the knowledge that they have found the best college fit.
"Applying to college is a process of decision-making. Although I would not agree with those who say that where you go to college is the most important decision you will ever make, I would agree it is one of the most important…Applying to college, as well as being an exercise in learning how to make decisions, is an important process of self-realization--a period of learning about oneself."

Frank C. Leana, Getting Into College

Meet the College Office
Ms. Mary Beth Fry
Director of College Counseling

Ms. Dawn Berger
Associate Director of College Counseling

Mrs. Stephanie Crouch
Assistant to College Counselors