Upper School

Students are encouraged to explore their talents and interests beyond their classroom experiences through participation in co-curricular activities. A great variety of opportunities is available for students to develop skills in leadership and collaborative work. Each class annually elects class officers who work under the direction of a faculty class advisor. Also, numerous community service opportunities are coordinated by the student volunteer council. Club leaders meet quarterly as a Club Council.
Following is a brief listing of some of the more than forty activities offered at Savannah Country Day Upper School. Seven of the co-curricular organizations go to regional competitions, including Advanced Acting, Mock Trial, Quiz Bowl, and Math Team.
Clubs & Co-curricular Activities

Art Guild


Chess Club

Class Officers

Council of World Affairs

Country Data


Cum Laude Society

Discipline Committee

Environmental Awareness

Fellowship Group

Film Society

Grace House

Habitat for Humanity

Honor Council


Lower School Tutoring

Magdalene House

Math Team


Mock Trial


National Honor Society

Peer Helpers

Pinpoint Book Club

Quiz Bowl

Ronald McDonald House


Second Harvest Food Bank


Spirit Club

St. Mary's

Student Council

Student Guides

Students for Cultural Diversity

Theatre 15

Volunteer Council

Wesley Community Center
Volunteer Opportunities
Red Cross
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Mr. Stephen 'Steve' Kolman
Head of the Upper School 

Mrs. Leigh Beauchamp
Upper School Dean of Students

Mrs. Kathleen 'Kathy' Hodges
Upper School Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Kayla Johnson
Assistant to the Head of Upper School 
Upper School News
Chemistry Students Learn The Delicious Science Of Ice Cream
Chemistry students are learning the tasty facts behind the science of ice cream! To apply their lessons on freezing-point depression, these Hornets decided to take what they had learned about lowering the freezing point in water and turn it into a lab that was both delicious and informative. By combining rock salt with ice, students created a freezing solution that caused milk and sugar to become solidified and later, tasted and enjoyed!

Hornets Document The Souls of Savannah
Photography students went soul searching as part of their creative collaboration with Souls of Savannah, a social media project that explores the human spirit of Savannah with photograph and storytelling.With help from Ms. Horan and Jade Rowland, students wandered Forsyth Park, looking for people to interview and photograph as a way to gather local stories. The project creates a way to combine both photography and storytelling, and pushes students to explore the local community around them and what the people of Savannah have experienced. 

Digital Literature: AP English Skypes With Poet Chrissy Kolaya
It’s one thing to learn about authors and another to talk to them directly--and exactly what these Hornets did! Mrs. Patton’s AP English skyped with Chrissy Kolaya, a poet and professor at the University of Minnesota about her writing and what literature has influenced her work.

Art & Design Class Creates Toys
Art & Design students recently began a study of vacuum-forming as a means to explore 3-D design.  Students were challenged to design and create a toy by carving out a styrofoam model, creating the outer shell of their design, filling their shells with flex foam and executing the final detail. These puffy projects will be judged based on creativity and execution.