Upper School

Students are encouraged to explore their talents and interests beyond their classroom experiences through participation in co-curricular activities. A great variety of opportunities is available for students to develop skills in leadership and collaborative work. Each class annually elects class officers who work under the direction of a faculty class advisor. Also, numerous community service opportunities are coordinated by the student volunteer council. Club leaders meet quarterly as a Club Council.
Following is a brief listing of some of the more than forty activities offered at Savannah Country Day Upper School. Seven of the co-curricular organizations go to regional competitions, including Advanced Acting, Mock Trial, Quiz Bowl, and Math Team.
Clubs & Co-curricular Activities

Art Guild


Chess Club

Class Officers

Council of World Affairs

Country Data


Cum Laude Society

Discipline Committee

Environmental Awareness

Fellowship Group

Film Society

Grace House

Habitat for Humanity

Honor Council


Lower School Tutoring

Magdalene House

Math Team


Mock Trial


National Honor Society

Peer Helpers

Pinpoint Book Club

Quiz Bowl

Ronald McDonald House


Second Harvest Food Bank


Spirit Club

St. Mary's

Student Council

Student Guides

Students for Cultural Diversity

Theatre 15

Volunteer Council

Wesley Community Center
Volunteer Opportunities
Red Cross
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Mr. Stephen 'Steve' Kolman
Head of the Upper School 

Mrs. Leigh Beauchamp
Upper School Dean of Students

Mrs. Kathleen 'Kathy' Hodges
Upper School Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Kayla Johnson
Assistant to the Head of Upper School 
Upper School News
Pitching for Physics
How fast can you throw a baseball?  On Friday, October 17, the 9th grade Physics students spent time throwing baseballs on Saunders Field. While it looked like fun and games, the students were actually using their knowledge of vectors and two-dimensional motion to determine the speed of the baseballs as they left their hands.   The fantastic fall weather was a bonus.

Balloon Car Contest
In an effort to demonstrate Newton’s Laws of Motion, Upper School Science students were asked to build a modern car powered only by an air-filled balloon.  The student’s mission was to build the fastest car possible and propel the car 3 meters without any assistance by a person.  As the balloons deflated, the cars inched their way across the finish line, or in some cases, finished short.  Either way, the students loved the friendly competition!   

Day of Dialogue
Last spring, the inaugural “Day of Dialogue” kicked off in Jelks Auditorium with speakers representing both the students and faculty, each of whom responded to the prompt, "What does culture mean to you?"  The range of voices--and their words--was phenomenal, and the program was a resounding success thanks to Upper School students' engagement with and reflection upon the chosen prompt, a fact reinforced by more than a quarter of the Upper School student body attending the follow-up lunch panel discussion.
On September 18, the SCDS Upper School hosted a second “Day of Dialogue” based on the prompt “What does culture mean to Country Day?” Once again, students addressed fellow students and spoke from the heart. (Click HERE to read the speeches). Each “Day of Dialogue” provides an opportunity to think as an entire community about the importance of developing and sustaining a healthy, inclusive school culture.  
Given the successes of these past two Days of Dialogue, community members across all divisions are encouraged to attend the spring Day of Dialogue, which will build upon these past two prompts by asking participants to consider how empathy can be achieved within the Savannah Country Day School culture.  Details for the spring 2015 Country Day of Dialogue will be announced.

Hispanic Studies Class Published in La Voz Latina Newspaper
As part of an ongoing partnership with La Voz, Ana Zurita's Hispanic Studies students have translated articles into Spanish for publication use and have begun to write original pieces for the newspaper. The October issue features the article, “The Contributions of Arabs in the Western World.” Stay tuned as the class continues to write and contribute articles about latin american history and issues.