Student Health

Our school nurse has the responsibility of taking care of Lower, Middle, and Upper School students, as well as faculty and staff who become ill or injured during school hours. The nurse is also responsible for maintaining student health records, responding to medical emergencies, teaching health classes, and administering medications.
Student Health Information
EED (Ear, Eye and Dental)
Form 3300 is now required by law for any student entering a Georgia school for the first time either as a four year old or a new student in any grade pre-K through 12th grade.
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Please remember to have your child’s immunizations updated and a current copy needs to be on file at the school per Georgia law. We are required to have form 3231 this can be obtained from either your physician or Chatham County Health Department.
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Inhalers & Epi-Pens
School policy requires that all students who have been prescribed an Epi-Pen or inhaler by their physician are to have one to be kept in the infirmary should an emergency arise and preferably one in their book bag or to be kept with them at all times.
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Student Medication
Parents should bring the original prescription container directly to the nurse with the child's name, grade, and dosage clearly marked. 
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