Student Support Services

Each division, Lower, Middle, and Upper School, has its own professional guidance counselor. The three guidance counselors are responsible for meeting the developmental counseling needs of SCDS students, advocating for and assisting them in their academic, social, personal, moral/ethical, and emotional development; in each area, both prevention and intervention are integral components of the program.

The counselors provide direct service to students and consult and collaborate with faculty, administrators, and families. They serve as resources, as well as direct service providers, in the event of crises. The three counselors play a vital role in admissions and assist new students and their families in making a successful transition to SCDS. In addition, the counselors act as liaisons with therapists in the community when a referral for evaluation or ongoing services is warranted. At each level, the program includes educational programs for students and families.

Lower School Guidance
The Lower School has a developmental guidance program for grades PreK-5. The counselor works with each student in the lower school in whole group settings with their class on a regular schedule. The whole group sessions include topics as:learning about yourself, getting along with others, making decisions, and communicating.
The counselor works with small groups of students who share concerns about: making friends, getting along with others, study habits, home situations, sharing feelings, managing time, and controlling anger. 
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Middle School Guidance
The period of adolescence is a time of rapid change and growth for students as they approach physical, mental, and emotional maturity.  During this stage they desire more independence. experience new responsibilities, and search for social identity.  With these new self discoveries, they readjust their role in their family, in their class, and in the world around them.
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Upper School Guidance
The Upper School Guidance Counselor is responsible for the developmental counseling needs of students advocating for and assistingthem in their academic, social, personal, and emotional development.The counselor provides direct service to students and works collaboratively with families, faculty, administrators, and community therapists to help students succeed. The counseling program includes educational programs for students and families. 

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Guidance Counselors
Mrs. Ellen Tate

Lower School Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Edith 'Edie' Eason

Middle School Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Kathleen 'Kathy' Hodges

Upper School Guidance Counselor