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Headmaster's Council
The Headmaster’s Council is the cornerstone of Country Day’s fundraising program.  Each year, the extraordinary generosity of this group gives strength and momentum to our fundraising efforts.  The ongoing leadership that the Headmaster’s Council provides is truly invaluable.  Year after year, the support of the Headmaster’s Council helps to achieve two crucial goals:  1) It enables Country Day to compete more effectively for the teachers available, and 2) it provides the resources needed to offer the widest range of educational program opportunities.  The Headmaster’s Council includes members of the Pape, Pressly, Triol, and Trusdell Circles during the fiscal year of July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014. 
Pape Circle
The Pape Circle recognizes the highest level of leadership giving among donors.  It is named for Nina Pape, founder of the Pape School, and honors those donors who have made a gift of $10,000 and above, whose support demonstrates an exceptional commitment to the educational traditions established at Savannah Country Day.
Colonial Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Nancy N. Lewis
Mr. D. Scott Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. J. Christian Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. J. Curtis Lewis III
Ms. Nancy V. Lewis
Mr.& Mrs. S. Wistar Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Walter N. Lewis
William R. Orthwein, Jr. and Laura Rand Orthwein Foundation
Pressly Circle
Named in recognition of Paul M. Pressly, Headmaster of Savannah Country Day from 1983 to 2004, whose unwavering support secured a bright future for our school, the Pressly Circle honors those who support the Annual Fund with gifts between $5,000 and $9,999.
Mr. & Mrs. F. Reed Dulany III
Mr. Bruce Edwards
Dr. & Mrs. Nick Eskandar
Ms. Clementine Drackett & Mr. Hunter Philbrick
Mr. & Mrs. Mark V. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Solomons, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. E. Joseph Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Thacher
Triol Circle
The Triol Circle is named in recognition of Thomas F. Triol, who served as Headmaster and alongside his wife, Jane, devoted nearly four decades to SCDS until his retirement in 1983.  This Circle honors those who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to the educational traditions of SCDS with their support in giving $2,500 to $4,999.
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph J. Bairas, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. J. Weston Beaver
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Bradley, Sr.
Dr. Rose Cesar & Mr. Jocelin Cesar
Dr. & Mrs. David L. Cheng
Mr. & Mrs. Dale C. Critz
Mr. & Mrs. Dale C. Critz, Jr.
Ms. Alice A. Dugger
Dr. Marianne Fleming & Mr. T. Mills Fleming
Ms. Francesca Macchiaverna & Mr. John L. Garceau
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip M. Gellos
Dr. & Mrs. John P. George
Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Harlander
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen G. Hendrix
Dr. & Mrs. Jeremy E. London
Doctors Diana S. & Stephen L. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Monroe, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Morrison III
Mrs. Katy Harmon Moser
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick L. Muller
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Nickler
Mr. & Mrs. Brian P. Orr
Dr. & Mrs. David N. Palmer
Trusdell Circle
The Trusdell Circle was established in recognition of Robert W. Trusdell, Country Day’s first Headmaster from 1955 through 1965, honors those who support the Annual Fund with gifts between $1,000 and $2,499.
Mr. & Mrs. Jay W. Andrews
Dr. & Mrs. Nicolas F. Arredondo
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Baker, Jr.
Mr. B. Gill Benton, Jr.
Dr. Helen Borrello & Mr. Ira Berman
Doctors Priscilla & Randolph C. Bishop
Dr. & Mrs. Sidney J. Bolch III
Mr. Randall S. Booker, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Bradley, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Harry W. Brown, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin R. Byck
Dr. & Mrs. Clifton L. Cannon
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Cannon
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher W. Cay
Mr. & Mrs. Homer S. Chang
Mr. Steven G. Chick
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cohen
Dr. & Mrs. H. Byron Colley III
Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Compton, Jr.
Ms. Lynn Crovatt
Dr. Matthew S. Deich & Ms. Cheri J. Biven
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Demere, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Brian F. Dooley
Mr. F. Reed Dulany, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Dunn
Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Durham V
Dr. J. Bennett Edwards
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Fagin
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar L. Gay
Mr. & Mrs. D. Carlton Gibson
Mr. & Mrs. Joel P. Goodman
Mr. & Mrs. Toshiyuki Hirata
Dr. & Mrs. James F. Holtzclaw
Mr. & Mrs. John C. H. Hooff III
Dr. & Mrs. Louis G. Horn IV
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Horn
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Hungerpiller
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Izlar
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis B. Keene
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Kennedy III
Mr. & Mrs. James P. Kurko
Dr. & Mrs. Todd E. Lanier
Mr. & Mrs. Scott A. Lauretti
Ms. Margaret G. Livingston
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan M. Lobel
Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Long
Dr. & Mrs. Barry D. Luskey
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Lyon
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mamalakis
Rev. Anne M. Maxwell
Dr. & Mrs. A. Jay McCaslin VI
Mrs. Alston J. McCaslin V
Mr. & Mrs. James M. McInerny
Dr. & Mrs. James A. McNaughton
Dr. & Mrs. Tom J. Meek, Jr.
Dr. Julia L. Mikell
Doctors Elizabeth A. & George L. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Southwood J. Morcott
Doctors Katherine & William Moretz
Mrs. Rosalie S. Morris
Dr. & Mrs. Robert K. Myers, Jr.
Mrs. Michael L. Nash
Mr. & Mrs. Robinson M. Norman
Dr. Karen C. Panzitta & Mr. Leonard J. Panzitta
Mr. & Mrs. Howard R. Paul
Dr. & Mrs. Walker T. Pendarvis
Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Pendleton
Mr. & Mrs. Duncan M. Pindar
Mr. & Mrs. William O. Plunkett, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Paul M. Pressly
Mr. & Mrs. Rex Putnal
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Reeves
Dr. & Mrs. Obaid Rehman
Mr. & Mrs. Scot A. Ritchie
Mr. & Mrs. G. Michael Rouzee, Jr.
Ms. Christian M. Schley
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis K. Schneider
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan T. Schneider
Dr. & Mrs. Richard R. Schulze, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory T. Sedlock
Dr. & Mrs. Christopher K. Senkowski
Mr. & Mrs. E. Heath Shelton
Doctors Andrea L. & Jerry M. Silverman
Judge Ethelyn Simpson
Dr. & Mrs. Dean T. Stamoulis
Ms. Jennifer Strickland & Ms. Jennifer R. Marino
Doctors Lisa & Benjamin Sutker
Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Tate
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Thomas
Doctors Leigh S. & Willard D. Thompson, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. C. Kelly Wall
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry C. Wardlaw
Mr. & Mrs. Wiley A. Wasden III
Mr. & Mrs. Wes L. Wheeler
The Reverends Helen & Michael White
Dr. & Mrs. James W. Wilson, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Kef L. Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Young