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SCDS Students Take Part in Rachel's Challenge

On Monday, January 9th, Country Day students, grades 5th-12th, participated in Rachel’s Challenge.  The presentation was given by the uncle of Rachel Scott, the first student to be shot and killed during the Columbine High School attacks.  The presentation included stories of Rachel’s character and passages from her six diaries that illustrated her desire to create a chain reaction of kindness in the world around her.  After listening to the presentation, the students were challenged to help spread kindness and compassion, not only within the school community, but with their family and peers. 
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Following the hour long presentation of Rachel’s story, students signed up for Savannah Country Day’s chapter of the Friends Of Rachel (FOR) club.  Due to overwhelming student response, the club training was limited to 100 students. The group was created to help students continue the momentum of the presentation in their own school and to encourage students to create a positive change in their environment. Following the 90 minute session, the FOR group was opened up to the entire school so that everyone had the opportunity to take part in creating a chain reaction of kindness and compassion. 
Stay tuned to hear and see more from the FOR club! Many thanks to faculty member, DJ Queenan, for bringing such a powerful program to our campus. 
For more information on Rachel’s Challenge, please visit their website at