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AP Government Students Meet Presidential Candidate

On January 13,  Country Day's AP United States Government & Politics class traveled across the Savannah River to hear Rick Perry (R-TX) address voters in the South Carolina primary.  They arrived at the Squat-and-Gobble, a well-known (and down-home) stop for candidates, at 12:30, just as Mr. Perry began his speech to a packed dining room.  Mr. Perry opened by honoring the sacrifices many have made in defending their countries, giving special mention to those who died in San Antonio at the Alamo.  He then shifted his attention to his 2012 competitors.  "Like those at the Alamo, we picked a big fight here in South Carolina, but with your help and support on January 21st, we can bring new leadership to Washington, DC."  Perry portrayed himself as the only candidate in the Republican field who lives "outside of the Beltway and outside of Wall Street."  He fielded questions about his tax plans and securing the border with Mexico.  Perry stopped to have his picture made with SCDS students, and, after glad-handing the crowd, left for his next event.  Students left engaged- excited to have experienced the political process they've been studying all year!