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Senior Elizabeth Owens Receives Six Year GMEA All-State Chorus Honor

Although thousands of students prepare to compete in the All-State Chorus audition each year, only a select few singers from each region go on to perform in the elite choirs of the Georgia Music Educators Association. Senior Elizabeth Owens has achieved this honor with near perfect scores consecutively from the 7th through 12th Grade. It is often said that "no time is too early to start preparing for All-State," and Elizabeth, a diligent student dedicated to advancing her musicianship, can vouch for that. After a rigorous first round of auditions testing vocal quality and delivery in a solo piece, pitch in scales, musical understanding in sight-reading and overall knowledge of music theory, the finalists are tested in a second round of auditions on their mastery of the repertoire for the upcoming performance. Only then are they officially admitted into the All-State Chorus!
Elizabeth will attend the GMEA All-State Chorus Conference on February 23 and 24 culminating with a concert on February 25. After the performance, Elizabeth will be recognized on stage with the other elite group of All-State "lifers." She is also eligible for a scholarship awarded by GMEA to one of the students who receive the six year recognition. The scholarship winner will be announced on February 25th.