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Savannah Country Day traces its origins back to the 1905 founding of The Pape School, an institution long recognized for its academic excellence and college preparatory curriculum. Led by a group of visionary parents who saw the continued need for a first-rate college preparatory school in Savannah, the founders of Savannah Country Day acquired the assets of the Pape School including Pape's faculty, curriculum, the majority of its student body, and its facilities east of Forsyth Park. Savannah Country Day School is the successor to Pape's recognized tradition of academic excellence.

Savannah Country Day has been blessed from the beginning with an extraordinary assemblage of talented people. Whether it was the persistent and progressive force of the Pape School's founder, Miss Nina Anderson Pape, the vision and commitment of the parents who founded Savannah Country Day School in 1955, or the faculty members whose brilliance and dedication have profoundly impacted the lives of thousands of students during the previous one hundred years, the people of Pape and Savannah Country Day have made the School what it is today.

Our School Seal

The seal is our school’s official identifying mark. It is an original design made up of elements that include our name and founding date and more symbolic elements that reflect the rich history, traditions, and values of The Savannah Country Day School.

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