Ben Templeton to Participate in Governor's Honors Program

Congratulations to junior Ben Templeton on his selection as a finalist for this year's Governor's Honors Program. In this highly selective summer program, over 4,100 students were nominated to the state-level competition, and nearly 1,500 of them participated in this year’s state interview/audition process. The program provides high school students the opportunity to focus on a course of study that will enable them to become “global critical thinkers, innovators, and leaders.”

Turtle-y Fun Cross-Curricular Learning

After finishing an art project based on the book “Mossy” by Jan Brett, kindergartners had the fun opportunity to visit the “big kid” science room! Mr. Eswine taught them all about turtles… they got to hold, feed, and even “become” turtles!

Second Grade Living Museum

Babe Ruth, Queen Elizabeth, Rosa Parks and Lucille Ball all in one room?? This assembly of historical greats can only mean one thing… Second grade Living Museum! Hornets selected historical figures, researched their lives and accomplishments and then showcased a "living museum" for their parents and peers to enjoy.

Game Design in Art 400

It's all fun and games in Art 400! Students utilized the Makerspace to create game designs, and had fun testing out the finished products!

Fourth Grade Art Show

On April 28, fourth graders hosted an art reception for family and friends to showcase their recent self-portraits and cardboard sculptures. Our Hornets are SO talented!

Seniors' Last Ride

On April 28, the seniors rode their bikes onto campus for the traditional “last ride,” and celebrated their final days on campus with water slide fun and a cookout! Next up... graduation!

Q & U Tie the Knot

On the morning of April 27, kindergartners gathered in their best wedding attire to celebrate the union of Q & U after learning that these two letters are rarely seen apart from one another. It was QUite the QUaint and QUirky affair, culminating in a dance party and photos taken with the happy couple!