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JK STEAM Challenge!

Inspired by the book, "What Do You Do With a Problem?", our JK science students embarked on a fun STEAM challenge! Their mission? Craft a tailgate for a toy dump truck capable of securely containing rocks on its downhill journey. Students put their engineering caps on, using a variety of materials to construct their tailgates. After putting their trucks to the test, some returned to refine their designs, embodying the essence of problem-solving in action! It was an engaging and dynamic exploration of STEAM principles, fostering a love for innovation and ingenuity.

Living Museum in Second Grade!

Amelia Earhart, Abraham Lincoln, Malala Yousafzai, and Steven Spielberg — what could all these historical greats in one room mean? It’s time for the second-grade Living Museum!

This cross-curricular project is a perennial favorite, with students researching a historical figure using resources from the library, creating a portrait in art class, and developing a timeline of the person's life and accomplishments on the media center's iMacs. The best part? Going all out to dress the part and presenting a "living museum" to their teachers, parents, and peers to enjoy!

Seniors' LAST Day!

Our seniors' last week of classes was packed with costumes, celebrations, and lasting memories as they enjoyed their final days on campus. The beloved tradition of biking to school on the last day was especially memorable as the seniors took a final lap at Saunders Stadium, surrounded by family, friends, and teachers.

Junior Kindergarten Art Show

Last week, family and friends gathered in the ECLC courtyard for the annual Junior Kindergarten Art Show! After welcoming their guests with a (precious) choral performance, the talented artists worked as "docents" and led family members around their classrooms, proudly showing off the pieces they had created. The students' artwork reflected the styles of Bellamy, Christopher Marley, Eric Carle, Hervé Tullet, Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, and Tana Hoban!

Guest Presenter: Fabulous Equinox Orchestra

On Friday, May 3, Lower School music was treated to a special visit from members of the Fabulous Equinox Orchestra as part of its educational outreach initiative, Equinox Global Missions. Students danced and clapped their way through the lesson, learning about various instruments, how music is related to history and culture (who knew "You Are My Sunshine" was written by a former Louisiana governor about his horse named Sunshine?!), and having fun with movie music. It was a lively visit, culminating in a traditional "second line" parade around the music room!

Miniature Horse Stressbuster!

Who knew that one of the best ways to beat stress is by visiting with therapy miniature horses?! These gentle creatures brought joy to students, faculty, and staff last week as we are nearing the end of the school year.

Things that "GO!" at SCDS

It takes a lot of work to maintain and protect our 65-acre campus, which is why we have an array of specialized vehicles and machinery that are used each and every day. As part of Junior Kindergarten’s unit on transportation, our maintenance team and campus police officer were kind enough to give our students an up-close tour of some of them, explaining the operations of these tools and how they each play a pivotal role in our daily operations. Among the highlights was our turf robot, spiritedly named “Stinger,” which uses paint to mark our athletic fields, saving time, money, and manpower!

Senior Pancake Breakfast

The annual Senior Pancake Breakfast is always a great event hosted by our Alumni Association! Thanks to our former Hornets for returning to campus to flip pancakes and serve breakfast for our soon-to-be alumni!