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Arts Alliance

The Savannah Country Day School Arts Alliance is a parent volunteer organization with the following mission: The purpose of the Arts Alliance is to provide a forum for parental involvement in and in support of the Savannah Country Day School fine arts program, to provide financial support for approved fine arts programs and amenities, and to increase the awareness of the school’s fine arts programs both within and outside the Savannah Country Day School family.

Country Day places a high value on helping all students express themselves artistically.  By joining the Arts Alliance, we direct our financial support to the arts through grants to the fine arts faculty and spirit building among the student body.

In the Lower School, we have funded art installations, easels, art tables, high-performance music software, and instruments for small hands.  In the Middle and Upper Schools, we have helped upgrade computers and cameras for art and design classes and have funded stage enhancements, teaching professionals, instruments, and equipment.

Last year the Arts Alliance was able to make its largest distribution in a school year since our group was founded in 2006! We were able to grant 100% of SCDS fine and performing arts faculty grant requests reaching students in the LS, MS, and US grades in all arts areas.  

Our various donor levels give members a set of complimentary tickets to each of the school’s five theatrical productions (3 Upper School, 2 Middle School).  Ticket sets may be split between different performances of the same production and may be shared with friends and family.  We are excited to again offer the incentive of an early seating privilege for those at the $500 level or above.  All donors will be recognized in show programs by the names provided – either a family or business name.  We are excited to give businesses this new opportunity.

HORNET $125 - 2 tickets per production
GREEN $225 - 4 tickets per production
GOLD $300 - 6 tickets per production
PLATINUM $500 - 8 tickets per production and seating 5 minutes before the house opens
STAR SUPPORTER $1000 – 10 tickets per production and seating 5 minutes before the house opens 

Arts Alliance Officers 2023-24

President: Amy Rizik
Vice President: Linh Hay
Treasurer: Nancy Bergmann
Secretary: Liz Macfadyen
Faculty Advisor: James Venhaus

Arts Events

Oct 19 & Oct 20:
US One-Act Play

November 9-11:   
MS Play

Nov 30:
US Fine Arts Night - Gallery Show & Performances

Dec 3:
Holiday Concert

Dec 7:
LS Strings and Drama

Dec 13:
LS Music Concert

Feb 22- 24:
US Musical

March 13:
LS Strings and Drama

April 4 & 5:
US Play

April 10:
US Fine Arts Night - Gallery Show & Performances

May 2-4:
MS Musical

May 9:
MS Fine Arts Night - Gallery Show & Performances

May 22:
LS Music Concert