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Learning Support Program

Continuing the mission of Nina Pape to "educate the whole child," the Learning Support Program works to provide a continuum of support across all grade levels for Country Day students as well as their families and teachers.  The goal of the Learning Support Program is to prepare students who have diagnoses that impact learning to become successful and independent life-long learners.

Differentiated levels of instruction and support (each with an associated fee) are available to students, from informal weekly check-ins to academic strategy instruction to structured intervention in reading, written expression, or mathematics during scheduled periods in the school day. It is customary and desirable for a student to start with a high level of support that then tapers off as the student progresses each year. 

The Savannah Country Day School requires a current educational evaluation from a licensed psychologist to be on file with the School in order for a student to be eligible for Learning Support services and/or academic accommodations.

Savannah Country Day established its first program to support diverse learners in 1961. Today's Learning Support Program proudly continues that tradition with expanded staff and services."

Kevin Miller, Director of Learning Support