Learning Support Program

Continuing the mission of Nina Pape to "educate the whole child," the Learning Support Team works to provide a continuum of support across all grade levels for Country Day students as well as their families and teachers.  The goal of the Learning Support Program is to prepare students to become successful and independent life-long learners.

Differentiated levels of instruction and support (each with an associated fee) are available to students, from informal weekly check-ins to academic strategy instruction to structured intervention in reading, written expression, or mathematics during scheduled periods in the school day. It is customary and desirable for a student to start with a high level of support that then tapers off as the student progresses each year.  Learning Specialists are in frequent contact with the faculty in their divisions, sharing specific student concerns along with advice and support for teaching techniques that help all learners achieve more.

Students receiving Learning Support services still follow the academic curriculum and requirements of Savannah Country Day School. The Learning Specialists construct a formal Learning Profile for each student with a documented learning difference, and that Learning Profile, which includes approved classroom and assessment accommodations as well as a description of the student’s learning strengths and needs, is shared with the student’s classroom teachers for each year. This profile is also an important part of our documentation process when submitting requests for accommodations on the SAT and ACT.

Families who are just beginning to consider whether their child has a learning difference should make the Learning Support Coordinator for their division their first call, before contacting anyone who might provide an educational evaluation to determine the presence of a learning difference.  Your Learning Support Coordinator has access to all the information you will need, including a list of providers in the Savannah area who meet our rigorous evaluation standards.  

Director of Learning Support

Dr. Kevin Miller

Dr. Kevin Miller

Director of Learning Support & Upper Sch. Learning Support
Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction, University of Virginia
M.Ed., Special Education, University of Virginia
B.A., Biology and Russian language and literature, Tufts University