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Service Through Knowledge and Character
Middle School
Middle School is dedicated to fostering in students a positive sense of self-esteem and an enthusiasm for lifelong learning. The Middle School offers a rigorous and challenging course of study that emphasizes development in traditional academic areas while also meeting the unique developmental needs of adolescents. Predicated on our Honor Code and committed to educating the whole child, the Middle School attempts not only to nurture individual students but also to challenge them to explore and develop their potential.
Our program is designed to develop specific knowledge and skills in students, yet it has a larger mission to inculcate healthy habits of mind, heart, and action. Middle School teachers must simultaneously challenge and nurture, encourage independence yet provide structure, and reach curricular objectives while meeting each child’s needs. Essentially, the Middle School program must address the complex nature of adolescence in a supportive academic environment – one that makes the transition from Lower School to Upper School and from childhood to young adulthood as rewarding and productive as possible.

Middle School News

Meet the Middle School Office

Jeremy  Hammond
Head of Middle School
Elizabeth  Bass
Middle School Dean of Students
Caroll Lee
Administrative Assistant
Jenna Cross
Middle School Counseling
David Nash
Middle School Counseling