Upper School

The Upper School at Savannah Country Day school endeavors to create an environment in which each student can find an area to shine.  While all students will benefit from our rigorous college preparatory curriculum, we don’t limit our pursuit of excellence to the classroom.  The cornerstone of our Upper School experience is balance, and we strongly encourage students to find interests beyond the classroom to augment their academic experience. The typical Country Day upper school student is not only engaged in the classroom, but is also eager to make an impact on the playing fields, on the stage, in the art studio, or in the larger community. While we are preparing students to be successful in college and in life, we are also preparing them to be the sorts of citizens who will carry our region and nation forward.  Country Day students will be the leaders of the next generation, and by encouraging critical thinking, creative problem solving, and independence of thought, the Upper School helps to form these leaders.

Because of our size, which is small by design, students have lots of opportunities to participate and engage in all different aspects of school life. The size also allows our students and teachers to form close relationships with each other, fostering a sense of trust and encouragement in the different things they try."jonathan day, head of upper school

Curriculum, Advanced Classes, and Electives

The Upper School offers its students a wide array of co-curricular activities.  Virtually every teacher sponsors some club, activity, or sport. 

College Counseling

Working with students for all four years of Upper School, our College Counseling Office helps find the best fit for every student. 

Advisory & Class Deans

All Upper School students have faculty advisors assigned in the ninth grade. The groups stay together for four years, which allows students and faculty to create the kinds of bonds that can only be forged over time. 

Leadership, Clubs & Organizations

Students are encouraged to explore their talents and interests beyond their classroom experiences. 

Global Online Academy

GOA offers SCDS students the opportunity to learn alongside peers from around the world. GOA courses further enrich the Country Day experience by allowing students explore their passions with classes that are outside of the traditional course catalogue.

Social & Emotional Wellness

The Upper School Counseling program is tailored to address the unique needs of the Upper School student as he or she develops independence, a stronger sense of self and identity, and personal values and goals in preparation for life both in Upper School and after graduation

Upper School At a Glance

359 students in the Upper School

Average class size of 15, student/teacher ratio 8:1

Of the 45 Upper School faculty members, 33 hold advanced degrees. The average teaching experience is 16 years

80% of Upper School students participate in athletics

A robust curriculum including Honors, Advanced Placement, and Advanced classes

Over 70% of students taking AP tests achieve 3+ scores

Seniors participate in off-campus research or career education project during the month of May


Upper School News

Maya King Selected for GOA Student Advisory Council

Congratulations to junior Maya King on her selection to the inaugural Global Online Academy Student Advisory Council. This group of student leaders will help impact and guide the vision of Global Online Academy for its students. Maya's one-year term will include opportunities to build leadership experience across operational strategy, user experience design, content creation, and communications. Maya took two semesters of GOA classes last year and is signed up for two classes this year. 

Discussing her summer onboarding experience, Maya comments, "Over the summer, I met so many new people from around the world through the GOA Advisory Council. Together, we will collaborate on projects and bring new ideas to the table. It's been so much fun to see all of the diversity in those ideas, and I am excited to see what we will do through the GOA Advisory Council this year." 

SCDS has offered online classes through Global Online Academy since 2016, and almost 70 students have taken or are actively enrolled in an online course. The 50+ GOA courses complement the SCDS curriculum and include offerings such as Bioethics, Computer Science, Neuropsychology, Architecture, Global Health, and more. Learn more at savcds.org/GOA.

Chris Beckmann Meets with UGA Admissions

In mid-August, Director of College Counseling Chris Beckmann traveled to Athens to meet with the new UGA Director of Admissions Barkley Barton II and our Chatham County rep, Ashely O'Cain. They discussed the changing admissions landscape at UGA as they enter year two with the Common App as well as a number of granular topics, including their return to standardized testing requirements after a year of test optional admissions. Mr. Beckmann also invited Ashley and Barkley to Savannah, and we hope they can visit our school and meet with our families in 2022.