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Counseling Program

The Upper School Counseling program is tailored to address the unique needs of the Upper School student as he or she develops independence, a stronger sense of self and identity, and personal values and goals in preparation for life both in Upper School and after graduation. Our Upper School counselor is available to meet with students, parents, and faculty and staff, either individually or in groups, in support of students’ personal, emotional, and social growth and development. When necessary and desired by the student and family, the counselor consults with students’ outside healthcare providers. Referrals to mental health professionals in the community are made when the counselor deems the student’s needs to be beyond the scope of counseling within the school setting, or when students or families express a desire for an outside referral. Beyond addressing the needs of individual students, the counselor offers large group and parent programming that provides our full Upper School the opportunity to engage topics key to adolescent wellness.

A note on confidentiality: The Upper School Counselor follows the American School Counselor Association’s ethical guidelines regarding confidentiality.

Confidentiality may be broken under the following situations:

  • The student presents a threat of danger to self or others.
  • The student requests the sharing of information with specified others.
  • Court order.
  • Professional consultation.
  • Reports of neglect or abuse.
  • In a group situation, confidentiality is stressed, but difficult to guarantee.