The Savannah Country Day School

Service Through Knowledge and Character
Upper School


The Upper School curriculum is both traditional and far-reaching, allowing students to experience a grounding in the traditional liberal arts, while having the freedom to pursue academic and artistic passions both in and out of the traditional classroom. While exceptionally rigorous—as we need to prepare students to be successful at the finest colleges and universities in the nation and beyond—the curriculum is also forgiving; allowing students to chart any number of independent paths through our requirements. As they progress, students can choose to include Honors, AP, or post-AP advanced classes (such as Linear Algebra and proofs), in their daily schedule. In addition to those choices, the vast majority of Country Day students vastly exceed the required number of art classes, and that is both the cause and effect of our exceptional fine arts programs. It is this balance that creates the ability to prioritize, think critically, and have the requisite flexibility to succeed academically. On the whole, our rigorous adherence to the Liberal Arts creates a graduate who is excited about learning, enthusiastic about their Upper School experience, and prepared to take on any and all challenges that are on the horizon.

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  • Graduation Requirements

    Graduation Requirements

    The Savannah Country Day School’s minimum program of study requires 20 Carnegie Units for graduation, including the following academic subjects:
    • English, 4 units
    • Math, 4 units (MA100 or higher)
    • History, 3 units
    • Science, 3 units
    • World Language, three years of the same language in the Upper School
    • Freshman Foundation, 1 unit
    • Fine Arts, 1 unit
    Typical Course of Study*
    20 units required for graduation
    English (4 credits) Composition, Genre Studies, American Literature, elective
    Mathematics (4 credits)Geometry, Algebra II, Pre Calculus I, Precalculus/Intro to Calculus
    History (4 credits)Early Modern, Modern World, U.S., Elective
    Science (4 credits)Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Elective
    Language (3 or 4 credits in one language)French Il French III French IV Elective Latin II Latin III Latin IV Spanish Il Spanish III Spanish IV
    Freshman Foundation (1 credit)
    Fine Arts (1 credit) Jazz, Orchestra, Chorus, Drama, Visual Arts electives (by semester)Art, Digital Design and Digital Design 3D, Ceramics, Art and Design, Photography
    * Schedule will vary depending on student interest and strength.
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