Curriculum, Electives & Advanced Classes

The Upper School curriculum is both traditional and far-reaching, allowing students to experience a grounding in the traditional liberal arts, while having the freedom to pursue passions both in and out of the traditional classroom. While rigorous, the curriculum is also forgiving; allowing students to chart any number of independent paths through our requirements. As they progress, students can choose to include Honors, AP, or post-AP advanced classes (such as Multivariable Calculus and Advanced Calc-Based Physics), in their daily schedule. It is this balance that creates the ability to prioritize, think critically, and have the requisite flexibility to succeed academically. On the whole, our rigorous adherence to the Liberal Arts creates a graduate who is excited about learning, enthusiastic about his/her Upper School experience, and prepared to take on any and all challenges that are on the horizon.

Country Day offers a multitude of robust and distinct electives, each taught by passionate faculty who have developed them out of their own interests. Electives offer students the opportunity to delve into contemporary subjects that are outside the traditional means of required coursework. Offerings include Savannah and the American South, Global Issues, and Spanish Conversation/Cinema among many others.