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Savannah Country Day is pleased to offer additional courses through a partnership with Global Online Academy (GOA). GOA is a consortium of leading independent schools from around the world with the mission “to empower students, teachers, and leaders to reimagine learning to thrive in a globally networked society.” GOA courses further enrich the Country Day experience by allowing students to explore their passions in ways typically unavailable on a single campus. Courses also provide students the opportunity to work virtually alongside teachers and peers around the world.

It’s a real privilege to facilitate students’ learning with GOA. Our students build on their strong Country Day foundation, acquiring real-world learning skills in courses as diverse as Bioethics, Game Theory and Filmmaking. It’s a fantastic opportunity to try something new, broaden horizons, and work with others from all over the world.”Rob curran, goa site director

About Global Online Academy: GOA's mission is to reimagine learning to empower students and educators to thrive in a globally networked society. 
Global Online Academy Member Schools: There are more than 120 high-performing independent schools in the consortium, representing more than 25 countries and more than 30 states. 
About Global Online Academy Courses & Teachers: Students take GOA courses for credit at SCDS. GOA course workload and course intensity is equivalent to courses taken on our campus. GOA offers our students the chance to explore topics they care about in a highly collaborative, global learning community, building the skills they'll need for college, career, and life. Classes are small, and students work with a caring, expert teacher from a member school and get to know and collaborate with peers from around the world. GOA classes are mostly asynchronous: teachers design the coursework and calendar, and students work on their own schedules, gaining important independent learning skills along the way.
With Global Online Academy, teachers and students can share their voice on a global stage, improving learning and enabling the pursuit of individual passions.

Interested in Taking a GOA Course? 
Contact SCDS Site Director Rob Curran. Click here to learn more about Global Online Academy.

Who is eligible to take a GOA course?
Sophomores, juniors, and seniors with permission from their Dean and College Counselor.

How much time will I need to spend per week on a GOA course?
Students can expect to dedicate five to seven hours per week to their GOA coursework. Most of this work is asynchronous, but students will also meet with their teacher and other students on regular video calls.

What does it cost to enroll in a GOA course?
GOA tuition for Fall and Spring semester is free for Country Day students. Students must commit to completing the entire term of the course. If a student withdraws from a GOA course prior to the drop deadline, a withdrawal fee will be billed to the student’s account. Note: SCDS does not cover tuition fees for GOA Summer Term courses. Families will make payment to GOA directly. 

Does a GOA course count as an Upper School elective?
Yes, GOA courses fulfill elective credit requirements. However this will not count toward the graduation requirements for core courses. A GOA art course, for example, will count in addition to your Country Day Art requirement, not replace it.

Will GOA courses count towards my GPA?
Yes. All GOA courses (fall semester, spring semester, year-long and summer) count towards a student’s GPA and appear on your official SCDS Transcript. Students will also receive a separate transcript from Global Online Academy.

How does my GOA course fit into my schedule?
Your GOA course will appear on your schedule along with all of your other classes. Although we recommend that you use this allotted time to work on your course, the flexibility inherent to GOA allows students to choose when and where to dedicate time to these studies.

Through my GOA course, I've learned the real-world application of concepts such as grit and gratitude. We need more students to discover their voice, applying their knowledge to their life rather than quickly bouncing from subject to subject."

hawkeye hrones '22, recent graduate

I have definitely become a lot more courageous. GOA has allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and reach out to new people from all over the world."
Maya king '23, current student

Want to learn more what our students say about Global Online Academy? Click HERE to read an excerpt from IMAGES magazine.

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