Leadership, Clubs, & Organizations

Students are also encouraged to explore their talents and interests beyond their classroom experiences through participation in clubs and other extracurricular activities.  These allow students to strengthen their leadership muscles and to develop the sorts of relationships with other students and with mentor faculty members that enhance the learning experience.  There are numerous clubs and volunteer organizations on the Upper School campus, which affords students opportunities to help those in the community and beyond, or simply have fun with friends both old and new.

Student Leadership: Students are given the chance to represent the student body in several areas. Elections are held each year to fill spots on Student Council, Honor Council, and Discipline Committee. In addition, four elected officials, who plan class activities such as community service events or prom, represent each class.

The Buzz: Upper School students are invited to participate in the creation of a quarterly newspaper, and work together as an editorial team.

Community Projects: Community projects allow students to give back to the community at large and teach all Hornets to care for those without a voice. Service learning is a key component of the education values at Country Day and unlike many schools, is not a graduation requirement, but an expectation. Opportunities range from Second Harvest Food Bank, Tutoring, Ronald McDonald House, Red Cross Club, U-Time, Interact Club, and P.A.C.K Club.

School Clubs and Organizations: School Clubs and Organizations allow students the opportunity to extend their curricular interests. The scope of these clubs and organizations is limited only by the range of the students who create and work for them.  Offerings vary each year depending on student interests.