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Savannah Country Day School is an intentionally diverse community of students, faculty, administrators, staff, and families. We educate students to be citizens of 21st century America and the World.  In recent years we have admitted students from China, Ghana, Spain, Vietnam, Moldova, Korea, Japan, and the Netherlands, among other countries.

We are committed to admitting and supporting international students, and we value each student’s culture, traditions, and unique perspectives. We reflect our appreciation for diversity and equity in our mission, programming, and actions to support international students.
Savannah Country Day ensures international students’ access to the whole curriculum, all school programs, and the entire student educational experience. International students themselves will contribute their unique blend of talents and perspectives to our learning community, broadening all students’ knowledge and respect for people of different cultural and national backgrounds.

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  • English as a Second Langauge: Program Overview

    Program Overview

    We proudly welcome qualified international and limited-English speakers and offer them the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the school community. The ESL (English as a Second Language) program is designed to meet the needs of non-native speakers of English for participation in our mainstream academic curriculum and school activities. As an important part of a successful transition to life in the United States, the ultimate goal of the ESL program is to prepare students for further study and success in English language universities.
    Celebrating linguistic diversity and a multicultural student body, our ESL program provides special support for English Language Learners in a small, close-knit environment with much personal attention. Daily, intensive language instruction by a qualified ESL teacher is provided during the regular school day, and also in optional after-school tutorial sessions. Our ESL program assists in the adjustment process as students become accustomed to life in the United States. Whether students are living with their own family, or a host family, guidance and support in student/school/family communication in academic and cultural adjustment is a central focus.

    Students are generally required to spend two years in ESL class. This immersion instruction in academic language, grammar, and social communication is structured around the four skill areas: listening, reading, speaking and writing. Classes are small and meet one period per day. Courses are taught using a functional approach, and students are assessed according to the standards of the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Students follow the mainstream curriculum for all other courses.
    Savannah Country Day School provides a wide range of sports, arts, clubs and activities in addition to its rigorous academic program. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in some of the many available options in order to integrate fully into the life of the school. We recognize that this can be a large time commitment, and students should keep this in mind when considering the school.
  • International Student Application Process

    Please click HERE to submit an Information Inquiry. We look forward to learning more about you and your interest in Country Day!

    For specific questions about visa requirements, TOEFL/TOEFL JR or IELTS test requirements, and Homestay, please contact our International Student Coordinator and ESL Instructor, Rob Curran at:

Please make inquiries to:

Rob Curran
International Student Coordinator and ESL Instructor 
912.925.8800 x1306