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Arts at Country Day

At Savannah Country Day, the Fine & Performing Arts program exposes students to visual art, general music, choral music, jazz band, theatre, drama, photography, orchestra, and technology-based visual arts. Much of the program is performance and studio–based, culminating in exhibits and performances by individual groups as well as performances and exhibits collaboratively produced by the whole department. Class instruction focuses on process, the enhancement of technical skills, communication, performance skills, art criticism, and aesthetic awareness with reference to historical and cultural perspectives. Instruction is augmented by supplementary reading, research, discussion, technology, and exposure to professional artists and performing groups.

Our talented Fine Arts instructors work to develop the student’s ability to access, interpret, and evaluate imagery, movement, and sound; develop visual/spatial/hearing intelligence; and to build a life-long appreciation and understanding of the arts. Both independent and ensemble work is encouraged to develop self-reliance and confidence and to offer opportunities for social interaction and ethical development. Opportunities exist for student growth through local, state, and national festivals; conferences; and competitions. Students are offered a variety of formal, expressive, and technical experiences with the arts in grades kindergarten through twelve, with traditional Fine Arts Nights serving as cumulative performance assessments.

Arts Events

Oct 19 & Oct 20:
US One-Act Play

November 9-11:   
MS Play

November 15:
MS Fine Arts Night

Nov 30:
US Fine Arts Night - Gallery Show & Performances

Dec 3:
Holiday Concert

Dec 7:
LS Strings and Drama

Dec 13:
LS Music Concert

Feb 22- 24:
US Musical

March 13:
LS Strings and Drama

April 4 & 5:
US Play

April 10:
US Fine Arts Night - Gallery Show & Performances

May 2-4:
MS Musical

May 9:
MS Fine Arts Night - Gallery Show & Performances

May 22:
LS Music Concert


Arts News

Middle School Musical Sampling

Our 5th graders are already looking ahead to Middle School and the musical options that await them. Each year, the 6th grade members of the orchestra, chorus, and band host mini-performances to showcase each offering. Middle School music teachers Ms. Swart (orchestra), Mr. Scaife (chorus), and Ms. Hudson (band) answered student questions as the students begin to make class selections for the coming year.

Seventh Grade Explores Ceramics

Mrs. Powers' seventh-grade art students took a field trip across campus to the Upper School ceramics studio for an immersive workshop with Mrs. Hefner. Guided by Upper School art students, seventh graders were introduced to the art of throwing on the potter's wheel. They also explored hand-building techniques by constructing clay boats using slabs of clay inspired by the works of local artist David Peterson. The cross-divisional workshop provided a glimpse into the multitude of art offerings in Upper School.

Arts Alliance Applause Celebration

Thank you to our amazing Arts Alliance for keeping our kids creative over the school breaks! On January 26, the Arts Alliance hosted a reception in the DuBose Media Center to recognize the 43 participants and their extraordinary creations!

Alma Woodsey Thomas Art Unit

Lower School Art Teacher Clare Ward recently introduced third graders to their new favorite artist: Alma Woodsey Thomas! A native of Columbus, Georgia, Alma Thomas spent most of her life teaching youth art classes in Washington, DC and became a working artist later in life. At 75, she developed a mosaic, pattern style of work inspired by nature and her gardens. Students gravitated to the vibrant and colorful brush strokes and enjoyed diving into their personal creations using the “Alma stripes.” Alma Thomas’ widely recognized piece “Resurrection” is part of the White House permanent collection.

Orchestra & Chorus Service Trip

Our Upper School Orchestra and Chorus students recently traveled to Florida for a weekend of service and arts. In Dade City, students completed a day of service by sharing donations, music, and games with migrant farm workers and their families. One of the orchestra students' highlights was teaching the local children to pluck and bow the instruments. After all their work, both groups visited Universal Orlando for a day of fun.