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Fine and Performing Arts Calendar
August 29 at 5pm: Faculty and Alumni Art Show Reception (Minis)
September 22 at 3pm: US Jazz Bands at Savannah Jazz Festival
November 5 and 6 at 7pm: US One-Act Play
November 7: all-day GHSA One-Act Play Region Contest at Vidalia
November 14 and 15 at 7pm:  MS Musical (Jelks)
November 16 at 3pm: 
MS Musical (Jelks)
November 19 at 6pm: US Minis Art Gallery Opening Reception (Minis)
November 19 at 6pm: LS Gallery Art Exhibition (LS)
November 19 at 7pm: LS, MS and US Choral Music Winter Concert (Jelks)
November 21 at 5pm: MS Art and Drama Showcase (Andrews)
November 21 at 6pm: US Art Open Studio (Johnson and Loggia)
November 21 at 7pm: MS/US Art and Jazz Ensemble Performance (Jelks)
December 8 at 4pm: LS, MS and US Strings Celebration (SCAD/ Arnold Hall)
December 11 at 7pm; Jazz Combo Concert (Jelks)
December 18 at 2pm: LS Music Concert - Grades 3-5 (Jelks)
January 9-12: US Strings and Chorus Service Trip
February 20 & 21 at 7pm: US Musical (Jelks)
February 22 at 3pm: US Musical (Jelks)
March 5 at 2pm: LS Strings (Jelks)
March 13 at 2pm: LS Drama (Jelks)
March 28 at 10am: Little School Fine Arts Presentation (Jelks)
April 10, 11 at 7pm: MS Play (Jelks)
April 12 at 3 pm: MS Play (Jelks)
April 16 at 5pm: US Fine Arts Night - Gallery Show (Minis)
April 16 at 6pm: US Fine Arts Night - Performance (Jelks or Gym TBD)
May 1 & 2 at 7pm: US Play (Jelks)
May 3 at 3pm: US Play (Jelks)
May 8 at 5pm: MS Fine Arts Night - Drama and Art Gallery Show (Pape)
May 8 at 6pm: MS Fine Arts Night - Performance (Jelks)
May 16 at 2pm: LS Art and Music Show (LS and Jelks)