Arts at Country Day

At Savannah Country Day, the Fine & Performing Arts program exposes students to visual art, general music, choral music, jazz band, theatre, drama, photography, orchestra, and technology-based visual arts.

Much of the program is performance and studio–based, culminating in exhibits and performances by individual groups as well as performances and exhibits collaboratively produced by the whole department. Class instruction focuses on process, the enhancement of technical skills, communication, performance skills, art criticism, and aesthetic awareness with reference to historical and cultural perspectives. Instruction is augmented by supplementary reading, research, discussion, technology, and exposure to professional artists and performing groups.

Our talented Fine Arts instructors work to develop the student’s ability to access, interpret, and evaluate imagery, movement, and sound; develop visual/spatial/hearing intelligence; and to build a life-long appreciation and understanding of the arts. Both independent and ensemble work is encouraged to develop self-reliance and confidence and to offer opportunities for social interaction and ethical development. Opportunities exist for student growth through local, state, and national festivals; conferences; and competitions. Students are offered a variety of formal, expressive, and technical experiences with the arts in grades kindergarten through twelve, with traditional Fine Arts Nights serving as cumulative performance assessments.

Arts News

Students Honored with Scholastic & Congressional Art Awards 

Congratulations to the following students on their recognition and inclusion in the 2021 Scholastic & Congressional Art Awards 

Scholastic Art Awards:  
Abby Nicholson '22, Gold Key & Silver Key 
Fina Dooley '22, Gold Key 
Lauren Sparks '22, Gold Key & Silver Key 
Anna Wollenburg '22, Honorable Mention 
Michael Federowicz '22, two Honorable Mentions 
Vivian Huang '21, three Honorable Mentions 

Congressional Art Show: 
Abby Nicholson '22, photography 
Michael Federowicz '22, photography 
John Neely '22, pottery 
Truc Mi Hoang '21, 3D printed design 
Vivian Huang '21, photography (Honorable Mention) 

Lower School Strings Performs Al Fresco 

The dedication and creativity of our faculty never wavered throughout this unusual year. In mid-May, strings teacher Paula Swart and her team created a week-long outdoor concert series for her youngest musicians and their parents to enjoy, which was a welcome respite for both students and parents alike.