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SAGE Dining Services

Savannah Country Day is proud to partner with SAGE Dining Services to provide healthy and delicious meals to our school community. SAGE prepares all meals on campus, utilizing the freshest local ingredients. In fact, they oftentimes make use of the various campus gardens for herbs and vegetables. 

Trust is an important issue when it comes to food. We want to know where our food comes from and that it's wholesome, nourishing and safe to eat. When it comes to food offered at school, trust is even more important. Students need healthy, satisfying options that provide nutrients for energy and growth. SAGE chefs cook from scratch and prepare vegetables, whole grains and salads that children and young adults want to eat. 

The SAGE dining hall is also a classroom. Younger students are more willing to try unfamiliar foods after learning about them, so touching and tasting the featured foods is always encouraged! The monthly Educational Seasonings program looks at food in the context of culture, history and geography. For more information on SAGE, please visit