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Arts Alliance

The Savannah Country Day School Arts Alliance is a parent volunteer organization with the following mission:

The purpose of the Arts Alliance is to provide a forum for parental involvement in and in support of the Savannah Country Day School fine arts program, to provide financial support for approved fine arts programs and amenities, and to increase the awareness of the school’s fine arts programs both within and outside the Savannah Country Day School family.
Savannah Country Day School has an award-winning fine arts program that enriches the lives of its students.  Classes are offered in the visual arts, ceramics, photography, general music, chorus, strings, orchestra, jazz, and drama.  A quality arts education enables academic achievement, social and emotional development, creative problem-solving skills, and equitable opportunity for all students.  Through the arts, we see our children take risks that are catalysts for their emotional and spiritual growth.

MEMBERSHIP DUES:  Membership dues in the Arts Alliance are used to fund grants for those “extras” that fine arts teachers request to enhance the wonderful arts education provided by the school.  It is the Arts Alliance’s intent to disperse funds equitably among the artistic disciplines in every division of our school and to see that the funds will benefit as many students as possible within each discipline.  In other words, whether your children or grandchildren are students in the Lower School, Middle School or Upper School, they will benefit from your membership in the Arts Alliance.

RECENT GRANTS: In the 2018-2019 school year, grants totaling $13,000 enhanced the school’s offerings by providing additional instruments, professional guest instructors, document cameras, a new light board and spotlight for Jelks Theatre, a color inkjet printer and digital drawing tablet, computer software for music compositions, a musical set, and much more!

BENEFITS TO MEMBERS: Arts Alliance members at the $100 or $200 level receive complimentary tickets to every theatrical production of the Middle School and Upper School - two musicals and three plays.  Emails to members include news, photos and videos from Fine Arts functions. All members receive the gift of knowing they are making a difference!  

VOLUNTEERING:  We welcome all parents - grandparents too - with a passion for the arts and a desire to become involved.  Please reach out to this year’s officers or email us at .  We appreciate your support!

Click HERE to join the Arts Alliance.
2019-2020 Arts Alliance Officers
President: Deanie Strength
Vice-President: Amy Pierce
Treasurer: Yvette Karnibad
Secretary: Allisen Rogers
Faculty Representative: DJ Queenan
Fine Arts Performance Schedule

Upper School Play: October 23, 24, 26
Middle School Play: November 15, 16
Upper School  Fine Arts Night: November 20
Middle School FIne Arts Night: December 4
Lower School General Music/Chorus Concert: December 6
Holiday Concert: December 8
Lower School Strings/ Drama Performance: December 13
ThesCon: February 6, 7, 8
Upper School Musical: February 27, 28, 29
Jazz Night: March 11
Middle School Solo Concert: March 29
Lower School Strings/ Drama Performance: April 3
Upper School Play: April 16, 17, 18
Upper School Fine Arts Night: April 20
Upper School Solo Concert: April 26
Middle School Musical: May 7, 8, 9
Middle School Fine Arts Night: May 13
Lower School General Music Performance: May 19