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Georgia Private School Tax Credit

Redirect your Georgia income tax dollars to Country Day! 

The Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program allows taxpayers to redirect tax monies to Savannah Country Day for financial aid for qualified students.  Most recently, in 2018, HB 217 was passed by the Georgia Legislature which increased the cap from $58 to $100 million for the next 10 years.

Country Day is required to partner with a 501c3 nonprofit Student Scholarship Organization (SSO) to administer the process for all participants. Apogee is Country Day's chosen SSO. The primary function of Apogee (SSO) is to facilitate the process of distributing tax credits in exchange for donations and to disburse those funds for private school tuition scholarships.

Redirecting your tax dollars to Country Day is simple. 

Is there a limit to how much I can give through Apogee each year?

Yes, the amount you can give is limited by your tax filing status:

· Married Filing Jointly: Maximum of $2,500
· Individual Filer: Maximum of $1,000
· Married Filing Separately: Maximum of $1,250
· Individuals who receive pass-through income can contribute up to $10k  
· C-Corporation: Up to 75% of GA tax liability
If you have any questions, please contact Craig Brooks, Director of Advancement at or 912.961.8825.

If you or your accountant has need of additional specific tax information, you may contact John Panessa at Apogee or 404.419.7123 or visit

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