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Hornets Hone Leadership and Teamwork Skills at Outward Bound

During the week of February 3rd, the eighth grade class participated in a six-day Outward Bound Excursion in the Florida Everglades’ Ten Thousand Islands. During their excursion, they developed teamwork, leadership and social skills by navigating their way to sandy beaches, setting up camp, boarding up on canoes, cooking their own meals and learning ‘Leave No Trace’ techniques to minimize their impact on the land. They put their heads together to decipher charts and used compasses to navigate their way through the maze-like mangrove tunnels. They also had first-hand encounters with native sea creatures and Florida Wildlife. Outward Bound is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that tends to leave a lasting impression on our students. Thanks to all of the teachers who continue to provide such an amazing opportunity for the eighth grade class!