The Savannah Country Day School

Service Through Knowledge and Character

Dr. James T. Yeckley “Ty” ‘04

"My wife (Monica) and I moved to New York last July when she was seven months pregnant with twins so I could complete my fellowship neuroradiology at Mount Sinai Hospital.  We kind of knew from jump street that it was going to be a crazy year having twins in Manhattan, but 2020 in New York met and exceeded any and all expectations.  If there are any heroes in our house, it is 100% and without a shadow of a doubt, my sweet wife.  She has been caring for our infant twin boys in NYC during the pandemic, during stay-at-home orders and curfews, and with a husband who works in healthcare.  She spent an entire month by herself inside a one-bedroom apartment with two infants not being able to go outside while I lived in a separate apartment so I would not bring anything home from the hospital and infect the family. It was nuts, but everyone is safe and happy and we are very thankful for that. Things are looking a lot better in New York which is good, but we are still looking forward to moving back home."