The Savannah Country Day School

Service Through Knowledge and Character

Dr. Benjamin H Levy, III '97

"I'm the Division Head of Gastroenterology at Mount Sinai Hospital and Holy Cross Hospital in Chicago where we had a combined daily census of over 100 inpatients with COVID-19 for several weeks during the peak. I've had to perform EGD and Colonoscopies on several COVID-19 positive patients, but fortunately, our hospital bought PAPRs (Powered Air Purifying Respirators) to help keep us safe. We've also been wearing N95 Masks.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I also started a weekly virtual concert series named "Concerts & Cocktails" each Saturday that teams up musicians from around the world with doctors and nurses on the front lines. Our virtual concert series has given medical workers a platform to encourage continued physical distancing and the proper wearing of masks. 

We produced a hip-hop song and video named "Stay at Home" with Tina Mensa-Kwao (Tenacious T) who works on the CDC's COVID-19 International Task Force. Our hip-hop video was featured on the CDC's intranet website. The virtual concert series has featured SCDS alumni Kristina Train (Class of 1999) singing rock and jazz songs from her home in Nashville and Laura Friedman (Class of 1997) performing vibes from her home in Los Angeles.  

During the pandemic, I was selected to be a TEDx Speaker because of my COVID-19 prevention efforts. TEDxWrigleyville's theme this year is "Humanity: An Inside View of The Pandemic." My talk focuses on "Motivating Health Education With Music" and how to build health education campaigns. The TEDx organizers also asked me to perform the cello - with a dedication to the 100,000+ Americans who have died of COVID-19. We filmed our TEDx talks on Wrigley Field, the baseball stadium that was generously donated by the Chicago Cubs. I also arranged for cello superstar Yo-Yo Ma to contribute a video performance that was streamed during TEDxWrigleyville in June."