The Savannah Country Day School

Service Through Knowledge and Character

Mark A. Kahn '88

"My wife, Judy, owns Kahnfections Bakery, which I help to operate in my spare time (I have a day job as an attorney). Obviously, it's a tough time to operate a restaurant, but we've made it work. Our bakery is located around five minutes from San Francisco General Hospital. Last month, we were contacted by a nurse who wanted to arrange breakfast for her colleagues. One thing led to another, and the bakery is now providing meals every Wednesday (two shifts) to a ward at SF General, and the meals are funded by contributions from the community.
San Francisco is a big city, but even in big cities, community matters a lot.  Further, COVID left us feeling powerless.  So, the opportunity to help folks on the frontlines and do it in a way that has felt personal to us has been incredible.  The highlight of our week is when we drop off food to the hospital — both my wife and I look forward to that every week.  Being able to support the community in this way and in turn to benefit from the support we've received from folks in the community continuously uplifts our spirits."