The Savannah Country Day School

Service Through Knowledge and Character

The Heritage Society

The Heritage Society was recently created to honor those individuals who have named Country Day as a beneficiary in their respective estate plans. The proceeds from planned estate gifts go to build the endowment fund. The individuals listed below will be named on a plaque honoring them as The Charter Class of The Country Day Heritage Society. Director of Institutional Advancement Craig Brooks would enjoy speaking with you confidentially about this exciting opportunity to leave your legacy at Country Day.
Mr. Reggie Adamson & Mrs. Donna Ratchford Adamson '75
Mr. Gustavous H. Bell III
Dr. & Mrs. Byron A. Boyd
Mrs. Mimi Harben Daniel Cay '61
Mrs. Mei-Yin Cheng
Mr. Graham P. & Mrs. Dolly Chisholm Sadler '77
Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Compton, Jr. '73
Ms. Dorothy W. Courington '68
Ms. Lena O. Cowan
Mr. Edwin H. '62 & Mrs. Robbie Hoffman Culver '64
Mr. & Mrs. William E. A. Eswine
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar L. Gay '62
Mrs. Lynn Goodman
Mr. & Mrs. Wade W. Herring II
Mr. Carl S. Pedigo & Mrs. Kathleen Horne
Ms. Connie Houston
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde K. Hull, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. R. Lamar Kirkley
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew G. Labrot
Mr. Robert S. Lawhon
Mr. & Mrs. J. Curtis Lewis III '70
Dr. J. Blake & Mrs. Jenny Stanley Long '78
Mrs. Robert V. Martin
Mr. David W. Mason '69
Mrs. Alston J. McCaslin V
Dr. Julia L. Mikell
Mr. A. (Bob) Minis Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Morrison III
Mr. Frederick L. Muller
Mr. George H. Oelschig, Jr. '72
Dr. & Mrs. Paul M. Pressly
Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Schmidt '66
Mr. Thomas A. Sideris & Mrs. Magdaline Caparisos Sideris
Ms. Ethelyn Simpson '76
Mr. Carlson R. & Mrs. Patty Inglesby Thomas '44