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Georgia Income Tax Credit Program

We hope that all Georgia income tax payers will take advantage of this program that allows you to redirect your tax dollars to Savannah Country Day. To support Country Day, simply log on to The deadline is Dec.15th.
Single filers can redirect $1,000 and joint filers can redirect $2,500 but because of the popularity of this program, the actual amounts will likely be 50% of those figures. Business owners can redirect up to $10,000. Select Savannah Country Day School on the benefitting school tab.
On January 1st, Apogee will enter all of our contributors for approval. Once the Georgia Department of Revenue has approved you, you will receive a letter from them and an email from Apogee.
     *When you receive the DOR acceptance letter, you have 60 days to submit the funds.
     *You write a check to Apogee for the approved amount
     *When you file your taxes for 2017, you receive a dollar for dollar deduction off your taxes for the amount of the check.
Last year, Savannah Country Day received over $350,000 in financial aid money through Apogee and the GA Income Tax Credit. Please utilize this wonderful program. Call Craig Brooks at 912-961-8825 to help you through the process.