The Savannah Country Day School

Service Through Knowledge and Character

Thanks to our Green & Gold Leadership Donors

Leadership Giving at the $2,500 level or higher to The Fund for Country Day makes a huge impact on our campus. These donors, known as our Green & Gold Society, account for over 50% of The Fund. Thanks so much to those Green & Gold Donors who have contributed thus far:

Mr. & Mrs. John Weston Beaver
Dr. & Mrs. S. Jefferson Bolch III '66
Ms. Helen A. Borrello & Mr. Ira P. Berman
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Brooks
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin R. Byck '84
Mr. Stephen P. & Mrs. Staci Howard Cannon '95
Drs. Shari A. & David E. Carney
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher W. Cay '92
Dr. & Mrs. David L. Cheng '80
Mr. & Mrs. Steven G. Chick '78
Mr. W. Byron & Mrs. Catherine Montford Cocke '96
Mr. & Mrs. Joel P. Goodman '87
Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Harlander
Dr. Melanie B. & Mr. John C. Helmken II
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen G. Hendrix
Mr. & Mrs. Adam J. Kaminsky
Dr. & Mrs. Robert T. King III
Mr. Scott A. Lauretti
Mr. D. Scott Lewis '75
Mr. J. Christian '84 & Mrs. Mary Lynah Lewis '84
Mr. & Mrs. J. Curtis Lewis III '70
Mrs. Nancy N. Lewis
Ms. Nancy V. Lewis '67
Mr. & Mrs. S. Wistar Lewis '73
Mr. & Mrs. Walter N. Lewis
Dr. Jeremy E. & Mrs. Tracey Cannon London '88
Drs. Elizabeth A. & George L. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Bud Mingledorff '64
Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Morrison III
Mr. Robert D., Jr. & Mrs. Katy Harman Moser '95
Mr. & Mrs. Brian P. Orr
William R. Orthwein, Jr. and Laura Rand Orthwein Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan B. Pannell '96
Mr. Frank K. Peeples, Jr. & Ms. Rose de Vries
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan D. Sprague '72