The Savannah Country Day School

Service Through Knowledge and Character

Meet Henry

Henry is in the 1st grade at Country Day. Henry’s parents provide him the opportunity to attend the best school in Savannah. Henry’s favorite subject is Spanish… “because the teacher says I am good at it!” He also likes the food in the cafeteria.
Henry gets to watch the turtles in Mr. Eswine’s pond. He gets to work on the fruit trees and the garden with Mrs. Vetrovsky. These opportunities are provided to Henry by you and your support of The Fund for Country Day.
Henry attends PE class and plays on the very same fields and courts where the varsity teams play. And he can dream of one day being one of the big boys wearing his Hornet jersey. All of those teams, and those dreams, are provided by you and your gift to The Fund.
Henry gets to attend dramatic performances put on by both middle schoolers and upper schoolers. In the last years, he could have seen The Sound of Music, Lion King, Charlotte’s Web, and several original one-act plays. All of these would push Henry to explore his talents in performance art and all of these are funded by your annual contributions to The Fund.
Your contribution to The Fund for Country Day provides these experiences outside of the classroom for all students. It’s you that makes the Country Day difference, and we need you again this year! I ask for your support for Henry and all of the students that your gift directly impacts. Please consider your support again for The Fund for Country Day. Thanks so much.