The Savannah Country Day School

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Eclipse Excitement

Despite the poor viewing conditions in Savannah for Monday’s historic solar eclipse, our Hornets enjoyed a full day of programmatic and educational activities leading up to the rare event.

The Lower School was abuzz with eclipse-related arts projects, interactive simulations, and instructional videos in different languages. Middle School and Upper School teachers tailored their lessons to complement the day’s big event. Even some of the Little School students got in on the fun, despite not participating in the viewing, by sporting sunglasses for a fun photo indoors!
As the eclipse neared, the Hornet spirit was palpable throughout campus. Middle and Upper School students gathered in the Quad in anticipation of the eclipse, and the school’s orchestra played “Final Countdown,” among other festive songs.  While the final viewing was less-than-ideal thanks to rain and clouds, students still enjoyed a partial view and walked away with a wealth of information about the historic event — truly a day to remember!