The Savannah Country Day School

Service Through Knowledge and Character

Carolina G. Pinckney '16: University of Georgia

Looking back on your time at Country Day, what do you value as the most important life lesson you acquired?
The most important lesson came to me in the form of advice given to many of us from Dr. Kolman at our freshman opening assembly.  He simply looked at us, and said, “don't be a jerk.”  This stuck with my class until our final days at Country Day and served as a constant reminder for us to treat others with respect.  I have taken these four words with me to Athens and continue to live by them. 
Discuss your preparedness for college and how this has translated into a successful freshman year?  
I was not always the best student; it took hard work and commitment to succeed at Country Day.  However, the teachers helped me every step of the way and taught me how to manage my time effectively.  I quickly recognized that I was well-prepared for the workload at the University of Georgia. I have taken a full load of 15 hours a semester since I began school, and made the Dean's List for the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Even during the busiest of times, I did better than expected, thanks to the time management skills I acquired from my time at Country Day.    
What Country Day teacher had the greatest impact on your first year in college?
There were many teachers at Country Day that had a profound effect on my experience.  Mrs. Protos (now Mrs. Smith) taught me to love English, so much so that I am now an English major.  Mrs. Beauchamp continually stressed the importance of a high level of sportsmanship on the athletic fields.  However, if I had to choose a teacher that shaped my freshman year, it would have to be Dr. Kolman.  He taught us the art of being able to balance a rigorous academic schedule and have a social life. 
What advice would you offer our current seniors?
My advice to current seniors would be not to fear college and the adventure that lies ahead.  Trust in your Country Day education and know that you are prepared.  College will be everything you make of it, so don’t be afraid to travel new roads!