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Alumni Profile: Max London '16: Wake Forest University

Looking back on your time at Country Day, what do you value as the most important life lesson you acquired?
To be hard-working, diligent and on top of your work. At Country Day, I had to knock out my homework right away, which taught me the importance of prioritizing my workload. These skills are not only important in school, but in life as well.
Discuss your preparedness for college and how this has translated into a successful freshman year?  
I felt very prepared as I entered college. I knew Wake Forest would offer a heavy, rigorous workload, and my preparation at Country Day made that more manageable. I had a great first year, in many ways thanks to the skills and lessons I acquired in Upper School. Country Day always emphasized the message of “preparing you for the next stage,” and that really resonates with me now — even if I didn’t realize it at the time. 

What Country Day teacher had the greatest impact on your first year in college?
Dr. Gavin. I’m taking Latin at Wake Forest next year, and I feel very prepared thanks to him. He impacted me not only academically, but also personally by teaching me life lessons. He helped to put things in perspective and always encouraged us to “take a step back” if we needed to.
What would be your advice to our current seniors as they begin their college adventure?
Start the application process as early as possible and don’t neglect the time, but, at the same time, don’t focus on it too much.