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We are delighted that you and your family are interested in Savannah Country Day. As you explore our website, we hope you will discover what makes our school such  a special place. Above all, families choose Country Day because of the extraordinary relationships and experiences. We are a collaborative community where teachers and students engage, support and inspire one another. 

Just as we use the application process to get to know your child, we hope you will use this time to become better acquainted with our program and offerings. It is our pleasure to guide you through this process. 

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  • What Our Alumni Say

    "SCDS challenged me to think globally, to discern the devil in the details, and to unabashedly ask questions about the things that I didn’t understand.  The myriad of clubs one could join, the access to the arts of many disciplines, the many sports teams – all created an environment that allowed the students intellectual independence, creativity, innovation, a strong sense of self, as well as collegiality."  
    Joseph Conyers ‘99
    "What I loved most about Country Day was the support that we always got from the faculty… The confidence and ease to initiate contact with some of the most influential professors in the fields was something that Country Day taught me very early on and something that I have used extensively in my time here at Stanford."
    Kim Nguyen ‘11
    "In looking back, I think what I value most about my SCDS education is the rigorous academic preparation that we received.  Classes were small enough to foster active engagement.  Teachers were passionate about their work.  They cared about each of us individually, and fostered both love of learning and a strong work ethic."
    Janet Shepherd ‘77
    "SCDS prepared me for college by it's rigorous curriculum and focus on electives and after school programs. When I got to college, I was prepared for anything that came my way. SCDS also put me around positive minded and successful people. Once you are around those groups, you will have no choice but to be successful yourself."
    Joey Bell '97

    “SCDS taught me the importance of preparation and a disciplined work ethic. On the athletic fields, our coaches were the absolute best at making sure we were always the most prepared. Working hard in practice and utilizing all the preparation helped us make a lot of great memories. Academically, the teacher’s really shined at emphasizing preparation. Because the academics are so rigorous we had to be organized and disciplined in our studies. The teachers never assigned work without also assisting in the preparation of that work. What I learned at Country Day made the transition to college and the workplace much easier.”
    McNab Reeves '07

Why Country Day

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  • Hornet Quotes

    "Before our children started Pre-K at Country Day, we could not have envisioned that the school would have such caring and compassionate administrators, faculty and coaches. Years later we have come to realize that these traits are the backbone of this school and they are why our teachers do not just teach our children, they instill values and morals. They simply care about our children's upbringing as much as we do, and we are so grateful for it." 

    - Dennis & Leslie Keene, current parent

    My children come home with stories of their day from art, music, hands on adventures in science, fun challenges in Physical Education and their classroom learning activities. Their stories are filled with excitement for what they have learned and anticipation for their adventures tomorrow. I believe this will lead them into a lifetime love of learning that is so important to their future.

    - Elizabeth Glass, current parent 

    "Country Day has taught me to give back.  Every single one of us is here because someone has helped us here.  Sure, we are intelligent, social, persistent, and (not including me) fantastic athletes, but ever one of us owes our great position to family, teachers, friends, and this school. Mr. DiBrita, you've taught me how to look classy.  Mr. Aaron, thanks for letting me have my computer account back after getting caught, multiple times, playing Halo in the library. Mrs. Gussler, thanks for sending us to the hospitals to watch surgeries.  Mr. Weber, thanks for letting us splatter you and the quad with water the name of science, of course.

    So when a classmate asks for help un-turtleshelling their bookbag, stop for a moment. When you receive that little yellow envelope in your mail in the future asking to contribute to the alumni annual fund, take a moment to appreciate what this school has done for us and give back.  Don't expect something in return.  Just hope that whomever you helped will help someone else."

    This is an excerpt from Noah Luskey's 2011 SCDS Valedictory Address.

    "There is no doubt that when a student is honored for his skills at such a vulnerable time in development, it changes the trajectory of their life. It gives them a confidence in their strengths and lessens the power of their struggles. Savannah Country Day School has done this for our son and will do the same for students to follow." 

    - Mr and Mrs. Heath Shelton, former parents
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Meet the Team

Ms. Terri Barfield (center)
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid  
Mrs. Amy Pinckney '85  (left)
Assistant Director of Admissions
Mrs. Jan Barrow (right)
Admissions Assistant
Mr. Rob Curran(not pictured)
International Student Coordinator

Savannah Country Day School educates students to be citizens of the 21st century America and the wider world. We are an intentionally diverse community of students, faculty, administrators, staff, and families. We are committed to admitting and supporting students from a variety of backgrounds who can contribute their unique blend of talents and perspectives to our learning community as well as offering our students a variety of avenues to broaden their knowledge and respect for people of varying cultures. In partnership with supportive families, we strive to cultivate in each student the desire and the discipline to grow in wisdom, to lead lives of personal honor, to appreciate beauty, to pursue physical well-being, and to serve others with a generous, compassionate spirit.