The Savannah Country Day School

Service Through Knowledge and Character


With over fifty teams in 12 sports, the athletic offerings for students at Country Day are endless. A supportive school community and decorated coaches help to provide an environment of excellence, both on and off the field.  Athletic offerings for the 2016-2017 school year include: football, softball, volleyball, cross country, cheerleading, basketball, swimming, tennis, track & field, golf, baseball and soccer.
Beginning in 5th grade, students have the ability to represent Country Day in several sports offerings. The opportunity to participate in athletics at a young age helps students to hone skills while learning teamwork and resiliency.

In addition to a newly completed track, the Country Day campus includes three gymnasiums, a cross country trail, soccer, softball and baseball fields, tennis courts and a weight room. The Athletics staff also includes a trainer and a strength and conditioning coach to work with students.

  • 57 athletic teams (varsity, JV, Middle School and 5th Grade)
  • Over 70% of Upper and Middle School students participate in an extra-curricular sport
  • 189 region titles and 24 state titles
  • Facilities include a new all-weather track, three hard surface gyms, Saunders Field Stadium(football and soccer), softball and baseball fields, tennis courts, cross country course, athletic practice fields and weight room
  • Two athletic trainers and a Strength & Conditioning Coach

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  • The Savannah Country Day School's Athletics Mission Statement

    The Savannah Country Day School's Athletics Mission Statement

    The Savannah Country Day School’s Athletics Mission Statement is committed to excellence in athletics as an essential part of a larger commitment to excellence in education. The guiding principle behind Savannah Country Day School's athletic program is its educational value for our students. Athletics promote the highest traits of personal development needed to meet with confidence and integrity the challenges of college and of life. These traits include the drive to take one's talents to the highest level of performance, the discipline needed to reach high standards, the willingness to work with others as a team in pursuit of a common goal and the adherence to codes of fairness and respect. Athletics also play an important role in fostering the spirit of community at Savannah Country Day School. 

    Savannah Country Day School is committed to programs that are specific to each age and developmental stage. No matter their age, athletes are expected to adhere to a level of conduct that brings credit to themselves and the school and upholds the values of citizenship  and service.
  • The Savannah Country Day School's Coaches Mission Statement

    The Savannah Country Day School's Coaches Mission Statement

    By fostering a team culture of excellence through hard work, dedication, mental discipline, self-sacrifice and personal improvement, Country Day coaches will help athletes to perform at levels and achieve successes they did not know were possible.