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School Life

When The Pape School was founded in 1905, its founder Nina Anderson Pape had a goal of “educating the entire child, training the eye through art, the ear through music, the head through sewing and manual work, the body through physical exercise and grammar, the spirit through service to others.” While many things have changed since Pape became Savannah Country Day School in 1955, the fundamental goal of preparing students for all aspects of life has not.

At Savannah Country Day, students don’t learn to merely regurgitate facts and memorize answers. They learn to think for themselves and solve real-world problems. Outside of the classroom, our students are leaders. From organizing food drives to benefit local organizations to playing jazz concerts at the Savannah Music Festival, Savannah Country Day students actively participate in their community and in their own education. 

There is something for everyone at Savannah Country Day School. Our athletic department houses more than 50 teams of 15 sports. More than 180 students are involved in the strings program, 103 in jazz, and 139 in chorus. There are more than 30 different student-run community service organizations. If a student imagines an activity that we don’t offer, they have the power and opportunity to create an organization for students with similar interests.