Cultural Competency & Inclusion

In accordance with our mission, core beliefs, and strategic plan, we seek to foster and affirm a diverse and inclusive community at Savannah Country Day School.  Members of this community reflect varied and multi-faceted backgrounds and identities and acknowledge these differences with sensitivity and respect.  This community is critical to nurturing a sense of belonging in each student and inspiring lifelong intellectual and personal growth in all.
Lower School

Lower School students participate in monthly initiatives focused on cultural awareness, self-awareness and empathy. The 3rd-5th grade students put on an annual multi-cultural potluck. Students experience various food tastings, cultural traditions, games, and more.

Middle School

Student Diversity Club: Middle School is an opportune place for students to foster and engage in dialogue related to Cultural Competency and Inclusion. This important dialogue brings awareness to issues in the Middle School and provides solutions and strategies to navigate these issues. 

Upper School

Our Upper School club, Students Celebrating Diversity, brings awareness to the larger SCDS community. Every year we send a cohort of students to the NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference. Students Celebrating Diversity adhere to the following goals:

We educate ourselves and the greater community; create an environment that welcomes open and honest dialogues among everyone; emphasize empathy, tolerance, and acceptance; and work toward ending macro and microaggressions.

Cultural Competency and Inclusion News

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Global Getdown

Global Getdown is a student-submitted video series highlighting the cultural/religious heritage of some of our families. Click the link below to view the Global Getdown videos.

Global Getdown Videos 2023-2024

Global Getdown Videos 2022-2023

Meet the CCI Team

Karen Brown

Director of Cultural Competency and Inclusion

Sara Bocanegra

Middle School Spanish Teacher (6th & 7th Grade), Middle School Cultural Competency & Inclusion Co-Coordinator

Merritt Graves

Lower School Music Teacher, Lower School Cultural Competency & Inclusion Coordinator

Jennifer Sams

Little School Teacher, Little School Cultural Competency & Inclusion Coordinator, Little School Cultural Competency and Inclusion Coordinator

At SCDS we understand the importance of celebrating our similarities while also recognizing that we are human individuals with diverse identities, including, but not limited to:
- ethnicity
- nationality

- age
- gender identity
- ability
- race
- religion
- sexual orientation
- family structure
- socioeconomic status