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Who's Attending?

Artwork designed by Catherine Lovett and Wynn Dennard '25.     

Kerri and Brian Culver

Lesley and Andy Peters

Jie and Ryan Sullivan

Betsy and Scott Howard

Emily and Marcus Bradbury

Kristen and Luke Dye

Lauren and Chris Smith

Molly and Eric Dudasko

Maria Camozzi and Juan Chiozza

Sandra and Flavio Batista

Iana and Tom Boyd

Lindsey and Bennett Rudder

Kara and Brian Speckhals

Carrington Woods and Glen Howard

Sabrina Nagel and Kyle Dwyer

Christie and Patrick Bergen

Dacy and Efrem Weiss

Allison and Bart Rhodes

Kathleen Brannen-Donnelly and Brendan Donnelly

Sally and Matt Shay

Corey and Caroline McDermott

Ellen and Andrew Barber

Hilary and Jim Shipley

Mira and John Kimball

Lori and Gabe Pitt

Stacey and Dave Sedory

Cindy and West Beaver

Angela and Jonathan Lanham

Bailee and John Gilbert

Claire and Whit Davis

Ashley and Grant Lewis

Margarita and Nizar Eskandar

Angela and Jeff Mandel

Julia Mikell

Erin and Stephen Ham

Rebecca Ervin and Andy Burdick

Reanna and Dustin Hamilton

Amanda and Carmen Andolina

Ali and Greg Spellman

Lizzie Brennan

Lisa Team

Arden and Spencer Bartlett


Jane and John Mikell

Lindsie Moschner

Catherine and John Beasley

Katie and Lee Griffith

Nicole and Andrew Michigan

Sara and Peter Askew

Lauren and Dan Davis

Lizzie and Blake Grimsley

Dylan Castillo

Todd Baiad and Anne Allen Westbrook

Emily and Christopher Cay

Lamar Barton and Jason Pandeloglou

Kate and Steve Spartin

Kelley and Bill Sparks

Holly and Jonathan Goldstein

Lea and Scott Stevens

Erin and Jeremy Hammond

Jill and Tom Gihorski

Meredith and Reed Dulany

Amber and Murray Hollis

Sarah and Blake Berg

Juthathip and Randy Chu

Marti and George Barrow

Carmen and Jovan izquierdo 

Yael van Hulst

Christina and Carl Varnedoe 

Anna Kalat and Will Witherspoon

Christie and Scott Sellers

Joan and Elliott Strother

Lisa Team

Emily and Joe T. Stubbs

Jay Goldstein

Ann and Todd Lerch

Dana Landrum

Alison and Grant Wilson

Megan and Gordon Greene

Eli Scott

Katherine and Jefferson Bennett

Amy and Adam Kaminsky

Degi and Jesse Ruben

Meredith and Andy Dyer

Tiffany and Blake Alewine

Caitlin and Michael Anckner

Alana and Mike Cox

Dana and Brad Whitfield

Amy and Chad Brock

Kemberly and Alex Renelt




Carson and Corde Wilson

Lee and Jerramy McGee

Kimberly and Jon Pannell

Dana Vankoski 

Rebecca and Chris Player

Colleen and Stephen Hermann

Claire Cobb and Daniel Cobb

Ingrid Lelos

Garrett and Ross Kaminsky

Catherine and Bates Lovett

Julie and Adam Cohen

Sarah and Joe Monroe

Jordan and Danny Chase

Betsy and Jake von Trapp

Laura and Philip Nuttle 

Liz and Jason Eichholz 

Amy and Rob Martin

Monica and Mark Manocha

Kimberly Shreve

Margaret and John Northup

Claudia Gaughf and Scott Birthisel

Katie and Sly Knight

Susan and Brad Huennekens

Dottie and James Winn

Shannon and TJ Hollis

Lindsay and Edward Sammons

Lisanne and David Newton

Morgan and Maclain Caldwell

Taryn and Jack Hall

Kayla Amick

Brooke and Denton Stone

Jan and Chad Barrow

Adria and Drew Wilkes

Andi and Greg McKeever

Claire and Wil Hall

Anna and Arch Davis

Rachel Goggan and Travis Indgjer

Melanie and Zack Johannesen

Sara and Cory Hall

Perry and Taylor Brown

Mary and Chris Beckmann